Healthy Hair Starts On The Inside

Sara Caroline, Bosley Professional Strength EducatorSara Caroline, Bosley Professional Strength Educator, and Co-Owner of Aura Hair & Makeup in Alpharetta, GA, spoke with us about how to discuss thinning hair with clients, her experience with supplements, and why she believes healthy hair starts on the inside.

How do you start the conversation about thinning hair with your clients?

I ask my client's one simple question, "Is there anything you wish you could change about your hair?" I kid you not, nine times out of 10 they wish that they could have thicker, healthier hair, I mean who doesn't? Both my female AND my male clients. This question always opens the door to a conversation about what they can do and what products will help them achieve their hair goals.

Bosley Professional Strength Healthy Hair Vitality Supplement for MenTell us about the experience you have had with the supplements.

Personally, I believe in supplementation! I started to see less hair in my brush and my nails went from paper-thin to normal! I've recommended our Vitality Supplements to many of my salon guests and they've seen some great results, too. The best come from my guests who always have trouble growing their hair past a certain point. After some time with our supplements as part of the program, their hair was past their shoulders! It's so great!

How have these supplements affected the way your clients feel?

Absolutely fantastic! I've had some that say they have more energy and, as their hair gets healthier, they seem to have more confidence.

Bosley Professional Strength Healthy Hair Vitality Supplement for MenHow can these supplements be used as part of a thinning hair regimen?

I love being able to offer my guests an internal support option, in addition to topical care. As a stylist it gives me a great point of difference. Personally, I think everyone should be taking supplements, anyway, as most people don't realize that they are low on certain vitamins and minerals.

The great thing about our Vitality supplements is that they include specific ingredients for the hair, which may help to make hair healthier from the inside out. This can potentially help reduce shedding and breakage as the hair becomes healthier and stronger. It's also a great support and compliment to any other products I recommend to my guests who are worried about thinning.

Posted March 16, 2017