Gelish Dip

The New Gelish® Dip System is specially developed to add strength and support to nails for chip free 14-Day wear.
The Dip Powders are finely milled for better color clarity and full absorption. Achieve even application and crisp smile lines with the French Dip Container.
The Gelish® Dip Powders are available in crèmes, glitters, shimmers, metallics and 5 French shades. So no matter what your style or personal color palette, you’re covered. All colors match Gelish® and Morgan Taylor® shades! Gorgeous Nails in less than 30 minutes:
Step 1: Cleanse, shape and PREP nails
Step 2: Apply BASE COAT, dip into powder and repeat
Step 3: Brush on ACTIVATOR
Step 4: Seal the nail with BASE COAT. Buff & shape. Apply ACTIVATOR.
Step 5: Complete with TOP COAT

• Fast Drying Time
• Monomer-Free
• Safe with no harsh odors
• Gentle On Nail Plate with Soak-Off Removal

Not all products available in all areas.