Deepshine Direct -Teal-Rusk


Deepshine Direct -Teal
Deepshine Direct -Teal
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  • Product Details
  • Pure Creativity. Pure Artistry. Unlimited Possibilities! Introducing the new intense Rusk Deepshine Direct Advanced Marine Therapy Color Collection! You get optical color shock for maximum impact. Intense direct color available in 10 vibrant shades: Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Teal plus Icy White (Toner), Blue, Green, Merlot and Orange!

    Deepshine Direct intense, vibrant colors can be used individually or mixed together for endless color transformations. The unique cream formula allows multiple colors to be precisely applied across the same strand, witout bleeding, to create unique stacking effects. New Icy White can be used as a toner, or to help eliminate yellow from blonde or gray hair. Deepshine Direct empowers you to create color expressions for your clients that will command attention.

  • How To Use
  • Pre-lighten hair with a Rusk Deepshine Lightener
    - Deepshine Direct Color (Teal, Green, Blue, Purple & Pink), Pre-lighten hair to Level 8, 9, or 10, up to 30 minutes. Apply to dry hair.
    - Deepshine Direct Color (Red, Orange & Yellow), Pre-lighten hair to Level 7 or 8, up to 30 minutes. Apply to dry hair.
    - Deepshine Direct Color (Merlot), Pre-lighten hair to Level 6 or 7, up to 30 minutes. Apply to dry hair.
    - Deepshine Direct Color (Icy White**), Pre-lighten hair to Level 9 or 10, up to 5 to 15 minutes. Apply to damp hair.

    **Deepshine® Direct Icy White appears blue when squeezed from the tube. Icy White can be used as a toner or to help eliminate yellow from blonde or gray hair.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Optical color shock for maximum impact
    - Saturates hair with intense vibrant color
    - Advanced Marine Therapy leaves hair looking and feeling healthy
    - Unique cream formula allows multiple colors to be precisely applied across the same strand without bleeding to create unique stacking effects
    - Ready to Use - Apply direct from the tube - No developer required
    - Ammonia-free
    - PPD-free
  • Ingredients
  • An ammonia-free cream formula


Love this product brand!!!
"As a hairdresser I''m always trying to do something new and try new products and when I saw this one I went for it and absolutely love it and so does my best client!!! It''s the best brand (over Redken and Pravana) for people trying to get WHITE hair (myself included) it took a short amount of time once in the hair and it worked evenly throughout, no streaks! Would definitely recommend this product (over any other) to anyone trying to get to white hair!!!"
- Anonymous, Apr 12, 2014
merlot came out completely purple
"I thought this would come out looking similar to the box but, it didn''t. It came out purple.Almost Barney purple. I thought it would add a little color to my virgin brown hair. It did absolutely nothing. I thought this would be similar to manic panic but it''s not at all. Yes, its bright though."
- Anonymous, Apr 22, 2014
Fast, easy, cheap
"I got this one for myself. I wanted to try something that's not permanent, but will last me for a good bit through the summer. I have level 7ish hair, and I got it in merlot. It says heat isn't recommended on the box, but I still sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes. The color came out GORGEOUS! Super shiny, super pigmented, beautiful against my light hair. It's also lasting a lot better than I thought it would. I'm 3 shampoos in, and I notice only a little bit of fading. It's super fun for the summer, for kids not wanting to commit to anything too drastic before school gets back, and something that's not going to leave your hair feeling like it's been through the shredder. I also love how easy this is to use. It's ready to go straight out of the tube. Definitely getting more colors for me and the clients, you sure can't beat the price. If you ever wondered what you'd look like with a funky color, give this a shot. You might discover your wild side ;}"
- I Will Cut You, May 7, 2015
Blue is Vibrant & Beautiful!!
"I placed the blue in my hair less than a week ago and I have received lots of compliments! The blue is exactly like the blue on the box and from a different light angle there is also teal showing through. I LOVE THIS COLOR and plan to wear it for a long time. I'm not sure of the duration of the color, but so far, so good!!!"
- Tiffany, Aug 23, 2017
The red is a great boost to the intense blonde red 7.66
"I mix the deepshine 7.66 Intense Red Blonde (2/3) with about 1/3 of this Red and it comes out absolutely perfect. It turns up the red saturation/intensity just to my liking. I've been using this combo for myself for a few years now and I love it!"
- Sam S, Jul 1, 2018
Brass be Gone
"I use this after highlighting or anything with lightener. It is by FAR the most effective saying that I have used in my 12 years professional career."
- Laurrr, Sep 13, 2019