NLW42 Lincoln Park After Dark-OPI


NLW42 Lincoln Park After Dark
NLW42 Lincoln Park After Dark


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  • Product Details
  • OPI Nail Lacquer is rich, long-lasting, high shine, colored nail polish for natural nails. OPI nail lacquer sets the bar for performance and trend-setting shades. OPI Nail lacquer features rich color, high shine and are long-lasting.
    OPI Nail Lacquers contain everything you want, nothing you don't. OPI Nail Lacquers contain no DBP, toluene or formaldehyde and they are not tested on animals. Lacquers feature OPI's exclusive ProWide Brush
  • How To Use
  • Step 1: Shake vigorously
    Step 2: Apply one coat of Natural Nail Base Coat
    Step 3: Apply two coats of your favorite OP Nail Lacquer
    Step 4: Apply one coat of OPI Top Coat or RapidDry Top Coat
    Step 5: Apply a couple drops of OPI Drip Dry
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Self-Expressive
    - Long-Lasting
    - Rich Color
    - Easy to Use
  • Ingredients
  • Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Propyl Acetate, Tosylamide/Formadehyde Resin, Isopropyl Alcohol, Trimethyl Pentanyl, Diisobutyrate, Triphenyl Phosphate, Ethyl Tosylamide, Camphor, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Diacetone Alcohol, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Benzophenone-1, Citric Acid, Dimethicone



Great polish! Fall must have
"Love this color perfect for fall!"
- Anonymous, Sep 27, 2012
Best red ever!!
"I am on my second bottle of this. It is by far the best red out there! Rich, opaque finish, so it only takes one coat to get complete coverage. Neutral tones that work great for all skin tones. Wide, thick brush makes t super easy to apply. I can''t get enough of this red."
- Hairdresser, Feb 4, 2013
A Dance Between Green and Blue
"CIA=Color Is Awesome is a teal, definitely between green and blue; the bluest in the collection. Luscious color with gorgeous 2 coat application. Cream formulation. No staining. Simply beautiful!"
- Phoebe, Aug 8, 2016
Sunflower & Mustard Shade. Fabulous!
"Never A Dulles Moment is a color between sunflower and mustard. It can be a little streaky when applying but you can pull it off with two applications though you may desire three coats. Lacquer does not dry dull. This color is perfect for warm tones. Beautiful! Stunning! You will enjoy this one."
- Phoebe, Aug 8, 2016
Stay Off the Lawn!! A Delicious Jade Green.
"Stay Off the Lawn!! is a delicious jade green with a gorgeous 2 coat application. Cream formula. I truly enjoyed this. I think you will too."
- Starlene, Aug 8, 2016
Can compare it to Olive Green. Love it!
"OPI founder namesake, Suzi The First Lady of Nails can be described as an olive green; a very unique color. It has a thinner formula and may need three coats for that fabulous look. This is my top pick. Absolutely, beautiful."
- Starlene, Aug 8, 2016
Super formula!
"Madam President is one of the three berry shades in the collection. It's not a super unique color but it is beautiful with a 2 coat application. OPI did a great job with the super formula. Love it!"
- Phoebe, Aug 8, 2016
Sweet & Light Mulberry Shade. Lovely.
"OPI by Popular Vote is like a sweet, light mulberry color with a great cream formula. Two coats will look perfect. I like this. I think you will too."
- Phoebe, Aug 8, 2016
Darker Than OPI by Popular Vote. Gorgeous!
"We the Female is darker than OPI by Popular Vote. It is a gorgeous color with a 2 coat application that gives beautiful results. Highly recommended."
- Phoebe, Aug 8, 2016
The Darkest Shade of the Neutrals
"Shh...It's Top Secret! is the darkest of the neutrals of the Washington, D.C. collection. Though it looks black, it's actually a dark chocolate brown. No shimmer, just a smooth, cream 2 coat application for the most beautiful results."
- Keisha, Aug 8, 2016
For Cooler Skin Tones
"Squeaker of the House is a brown, cool tone milk chocolate shade. It has a delicious two coat formula that is perfect for cool tones. Gorgeous! It Rocks!"
- Sandi, Aug 8, 2016
Has A Very Subtle Shimmer
"Pale to the Chief is almost the color of your natural nail but with a slight shimmer. It's really pretty, soft and fem. This is the lightest color in the Washington D.C collection. I choose to call it a nude. You may need to apply three coats but with a steady hand, maybe only two. I highly recommend this shade. Very classy."
- Bonita, Aug 8, 2016
Perfect for Warm Tones
"Freedom of Peach is a warm peach but more pumpkin shade. Great for fall and on warm tones, this cream formula makes for perfect two coat application. Beautiful color OPI."
- Phoebe, Aug 8, 2016
A Subtle Nude
"Yank My Doodle is best described as a subtle nude berry, pumpkin color. It has a great cream formula and with a two coat application is absolutely beautiful. Stunning! One of my favorites."
- Phoebe, Aug 8, 2016
Beautiful Beige Nude
"My favorite nude for the fall. This is a lovely beige nude with irridescent silver shimmer. Really Pretty! Beautiful on darker skin tones. attractive on all. Only one in the collection that is not a cream."
- Polishilove, Aug 22, 2016
Pretty for Fall
""This pretty yellow is a toned down mustard with a little gray. I really love this gorgeous yellow with a creamy formula. Two coats are fine but three gives stunning coverage. So, so, so, Pretty!""
- Polishilove, Aug 22, 2016
Dark Peach
"A peach color with more brown that creates something quite special. I guess you can describe it as a brown toned peach. It has a great formula for application. Opaque after two coats. Perfect coverage. I love this color!"
- Polishilove, Aug 22, 2016
Great Formula!
"Pretty taupe, mousy brown. Apply 2 coats for awesome coverage. Great formula!"
- Polishilove, Aug 22, 2016
I Love This!
"A gorgeous hunter green with a bend toward blue. A little sheer with the first coat. Two coats gives you great coverage for a dynamic color payoff."
- Polishilove, Aug 23, 2016
A Soft Berry Shade
"Amazing formula. Two coats give beautiful coverage."
- Polishilove, Aug 23, 2016
Dark Berry Shade
"This dries darker than when you first apply it. Very pretty for fall."
- Polishilove, Aug 23, 2016
"Almost a raspberry color. A wonderful bright for your fall ensemble."
- Polishilove, Aug 23, 2016
Lovely Teal
"Teal! Great coverage with two coats. Great formula!"
- Polishilove, Aug 23, 2016
It is really a brown
"A deep rich brown with a fantastic formula. Opaque with two coats."
- Polishilove, Aug 23, 2016
Almost A Teal, but...
"More of a teal green than a teal blue. Covers with one coat! Gorgeous! May stain."
- Polishilove, Aug 23, 2016
Beautiful Berry Shade for Fall
"A beautiful cream. Richly pigmented. Great formula. You may only need one coat but two coats will be fab! Smooth creamy and gorgeous."
- Nikki, Aug 3, 2017
Neutral Greige Shade
"A Neutral Greige shade. Easy to wear color. Chic year-round type of shade. Application is wonderful. Great formula."
- Nikki, Aug 3, 2017
Deep Brown/Gray color
"A deep brown with lots of gray. Silky, smooth color with great formula. Looks like a gel polish. I prefer this brown over the other in the collection."
- Nikki, Aug 3, 2017
A Pretty Purple
"I would describe this as a gray muted indigo. Could be a one-coater. This is one of my favorites. Delicious and luxurious to work with. Rich formula and heavenly to use. Beautiful!"
- Nikki, Aug 3, 2017
Beautiful! Not Bright but muted
"This is best described as a light Dusty Orchid. It's stunning. Brings life to a collection of dark shades. Not bright but muted."
- Nikki, Aug 3, 2017
"A Rosy Metallic, not vibrant but muted. A two-coater for sure. Three coats will be perfect. Pretty but not a favorite."
- Nikki, Aug 3, 2017
Purple Shade
"This is a Deeper Purple than the others in the collection. Kind of a purple/brown or almost a blackberry with grays. Love this one so much. Two coats deepens color beautifully."
- Nikki, Aug 3, 2017
Formula is great and applies beautifully
"A warmer brown than the others in collection. More Chocolaty like a Moussy Brown. A Deep color. Formula is great and applies beautifully."
- Nikki, Aug 3, 2017
A Creamy Muted Sage Green
"A Muted Sage Green with more yellow. Formula is gorgeous and applies beautifully. A two-coater."
- Nikki, Aug 3, 2017
The Most Beautiful in The Collection
"A beautiful Deep Vampy Purple with strong Gold to Pinky/Red shimmer. Rich and opague with two coats. Gorgeous! My favorite. Very special. Smooth and Easy application."
- Nikki, Aug 3, 2017
"You’re Such A BudaPest is a beautiful color for any time of the year! It is a medium purple that goes on smooth and only requires two coats. Applying a matte top coat to this color adds a uniqueness to the already different color. Highly recommend!"
- Maison, May 8, 2018
Blue that doesn't fade to grey
"Every blue Polish I use fades to Grey after 3 days. Not this blue!!!"
- Patricia, May 8, 2018
Perfect nude!
"If I could have only one good glossy nude polish in my life, this would be it."
- Jennifer, May 8, 2018
Subtle shimmery coral
"I love this one mostly because it dries fast and applies like a dream. The color isn't unique but pretty. It really is more firey in sunlight."
- LacqueredLori, May 8, 2018
Great red coral
"I'm a huge fans of coral colors and this is a great red-coral hue. It only took 2 applications to get a great finish!"
- Marianne, May 8, 2018
One of my faves
"Spectacular shade, formula. One of my faves of the collection"
- LacquereLori, May 8, 2018
Pretty pink
"Although you need 2-3 coats to opacity, don't let the first streaky coat fool you. It's gorgeous once it's all on. Super glossy."
- LacqueredLori, May 8, 2018
Surprised me!
"I don't usually gravitate to Mauvelous shades, but this one is a great formula and looked better on me than I thought it would!"
- LaqueredLori, May 8, 2018
Too metallic
"This came out more metallic than I thought it would. Good if you like that look, but not my style. Pretty color though. Reminds me of what a mermaid might wear. And of course application is a snap with OPI."
- Jerrica, May 8, 2018
Great shimmery blue
"Great formula, pretty ocean blue with silver shimmer and glass flecks."
- LaqueredLori, May 8, 2018
Perfect fall color!
"Berlin There Done That is a BEAUTIFUL nail polish color that adds a warmth to any fall outfit. It requires 2-3 coats for a solid cover, but has just the right amount of shine to last all fall season."
- Maison, May 9, 2018
Perfect for French manis
"This is THE polish for French manis! Perfect!"
- Kennedy, May 9, 2018
Highly Pigmented White Polish
"If you're looking for a "good" white polish this is it. It has a lot of pigment, and needs to be applied properly with thinner coats, but since it is so pigmented, two coats is the maximum you would need. After time the polish may get a little bit thick from air getting into the polish so make sure you use a nail polish thinner, and be sure to roll the polish rather than shaking it. BY ROLLING THE POLISH TO MIX IT (instead of shaking it), you are creating less air bubbles inside so the polish won't dry out/get as gummy as quickly."
- Morgan, May 9, 2018
Beautiful color
"Beautiful pink color, long lasting."
- Leta, May 9, 2018
Barbie pink
"It's definitely less red and more true pink in person. Like a Barbie bubblegum pink. Super opaque and easy to apply. I think it's a great color for spring and summer."
- Kellen, May 9, 2018
Love OPI
"I love all the OPI polishes and this is no exception. Their formula so ultra smooth and long-wear. Black Onyx is the perfect opaque solid black, not at all streaky."
- Amy, May 9, 2018
Love my Holiday OPI polish
"I've been using OPI products for over 15 years. The brush is amazing for a 3 sweep nail polish and covers with no problem!"
- Patricia, May 9, 2018
Doesn't stay on me long
"The color is beautiful and a great fall color. It started chipping on day two. I even used the OPI base coat and top coat."
- Melissa, May 9, 2018
"This is the perfect red for anyone. It goes on very smoothly."
- Jessica, May 9, 2018
Wonderful product
"Beautiful color"
- Pat, May 9, 2018
The best summer color!
"This is definitely my favorite OPI color! It is my must have color all summer long but I definitely still wear it into the winter months. It has the perfect amount of red and orange tones that it compliments everyone that tries it on. I hope they never stop making this one."
- Danea, May 9, 2018
"This is one of my favorite colors. It is the perfect burgundy, raspberry, purpley, pinky, reddish tone. I have NEVER seen it look bad on any skin tone. It does seem to look a little different on everyone, but always compliments. I love it because it goes with every outfit and every season. It only takes two coats to give a beautiful rich deposit of color. I always like to start with a thin base coat of OPI Natural Nail base coat, apply two coats of OPI Malaga Wine, and finish it with OPI Top Coat for a flawless finish that will last me quite a while."
- Katie, May 9, 2018
Perfect red
"Absolutely love this color! Bright in the sun but dark indoors, and very easy to apply. Very shiny and glossy but isn't shimmery, which is perfect for fall!"
- laurenp620, May 9, 2018
Very nice and soft color.
"Color is perfect if you like a little pink on your nails. You should check this out."
- Erin, May 9, 2018
"A timeless color. It's a must have red for your collection."
- Krista, May 9, 2018
More purple than shown
"Definitely more of a red-violet than the picture shows....hence why I'm giving it 4 stars. However, it is's more of a fall/winter color in my opinion."
- Mandi, May 9, 2018
perfect red
"This is my favorite red! Great for holidays and summertime. It's bright and looks great on long or short nails."
- Noel, May 9, 2018
Classically red
"This is the epitome of reds. The classic red. I'm not much into wearing red polish, but if I'm going to, I always look to OPI's Big Apple Red."
- Kris, May 9, 2018
my all time fav color!!
"OPI is a leader in the nail industry for several reasons!! The durability & consistency of their products are superb!!"
- Tina, May 9, 2018
Classic for French
"This is my go-to for creating my French manicures. If you're looking for something clean, get Bubble Bath. It's semi-sheer so it's great for something really understated. If you're looking for an opaque, though, you're out of luck."
- Kim, May 9, 2018
GREAT product!
"OPI Dulce de Leche is a very nice color on your finger and toe nails."
- Ashley, May 9, 2018
Perfect pink
"This is the perfect light pink! And it's opaque so you only need 1-2 coats!"
- Felicia, May 9, 2018
One of my best selling colors
"This is one of OPI's best colors. The perfect shade of red. I haven't ran across a person that doesn't love this color. Very rich and a must have for any season."
- Annalesha, May 9, 2018
One of our favorites
"This color is always going off the shelf!! It is a purple/ gray color clients LOVE it!"
- Laurie, May 9, 2018
"This polish is beautiful and really long lasting, but is VERY shear. It was very streaky with two coats, so I had to go for three."
- Melanie, May 9, 2018
Great bright orange/red!
"This color has been a hit with clients in the salon. Its a great bright color!"
- Katie, May 9, 2018
Must have for autumn and winter
"It's that dark cherry, vampy, sexy deep rich tone everyone needs for the autumn and especially the winter."
- Jamie, May 9, 2018
the perfect "vamp" shade
"Great deep shade with the right amount of subtle metallic. I've been wearing it for 5 years!"
- herstyle326, May 9, 2018
Christmas time is here
"This was the first OPI red I ever bought. It is a beautiful red with some shimmer. It’s elegant and timeless. Perfect for the Christmas season!"
- Hannah, May 9, 2018
Love it
"ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS SHADE OF BLUE! I love that in some lighting it looks navy and in others, it looks black."
- Jess, May 9, 2018
Perfect fall color!
"I used to work for a nail salon and they would re-order this color constantly in bulk. Our clients couldn't get over how wonderful the shade compliments every skin tone. It is dark enough to wear in fall and winter and I always have it on for my thanksgiving manicure."
- Danea, May 9, 2018
Such a classic
"I absolutely love this color! Perfect for fall, winter or when I'm in the mood for something dark."
- Lainey, May 9, 2018
Old-School Favorite!
"This has been one of my favorite polish shades for years. Despite what it looks like in the bottle, it is actually a sheer, opalescent shade, with a bit of color shift. Applied over a base coat, it will give nails a soft glow; or it can be layered over a coat of white polish to give a brighter result. Like all OPI products, it has great staying power - just be sure to use it with a quality base and top coat for best wear."
- Amy, May 9, 2018
Polish that will last
"Pretty for spring and summer. It will never fade out and it covers perfect with just 2 coats. I love it! I have never used a nail polish that is this good!"
- Kim, May 9, 2018
Perfect nude for all skin types
"This is a beautiful, sexy nude... great for toes and fingernails. Goes with all skin types, light and dark."
- Noel, May 9, 2018
Love this!
"This color is so versatile. Looks great with any color outfit!"
- Jennifer, May 10, 2018
"AmazON... AmazOFF is a beautiful, deep and rich blue color that goes on effortlessly. Rock this polish during any season, and it’s going to look wonderful!"
- Maison, May 10, 2018
New favorite for pedis!
"I absolutely can not get enough of Live.Love.Carnival. It's a beautiful mix of red and coral, without being too much of either. Bright and fun, this is my new go-to for pedicures. (And for reference my other favorites for pedis include My Chihuahua Bites and Cajun Shrimp, both OPI)"
- Kristina, May 10, 2018