66 (Violet) Intensifier-John Paul Mitchell Systems


66 (Violet) Intensifier
66 (Violet) Intensifier
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  • Product Details
  • Paul Mitchell The Color XG Intensifiers are pure colors that give stylists unlimited formulating options when using Paul Mitchell The Color XG. The objective of The Color XG Intensifier shades is to ""intensify"" formulations by mixing them with other shades, providing great creativity to the colorist. When you mix the intensifiers with other The Color XG shades, the additional tone/pigment from the shade helps to deliver the balanced and uniform background color, while the Intensifier adds the neutralizing tone or vibrancy tone, depending on the shade selected and desired result.
  • How To Use
  • Intensifier Guidelines:
    Prior to adding Paul Mitchell Cream Developer:
    - As a general use guideline, for each 30ml/30 gr of selected shade, add the amount of intensifier specified
    - Paul Mitchell The Color XG Intensifiers do not alter processing time
    - If using Intensifiers on levels 8 and above, use a pea sized amount, using more will deliver extremely vivid results
    - When using Intensifiers on levels 9-12, expect extremely vivid results

    The only time you need an Intensifier to neutralize while lifting is in extreme cases. Mostly they are used to add intensity or vibrancy. The color shade formulations themselves are created to provide 'neutralization' of contributing dominant pigment while lifting. e.g., the Ash Series. Additional green or blue really shouldn't need to be added to a formula to create a natural result when lifting., as those tones are contained in the regular color series.

    If you are considering use of an Intensifier to neutralize when lifting, it would be under an extreme condition (e.g., natural red hair). Consider not just the dominant pigment at the desired result level, but also at the starting level.
    - If you are lifting from a level 4 to a level 7, you would select the Green Intensifier to add to your formula
    - If you are lifting from a level 5 to a level 8, you would select the Blue Intensifier to add to your formula - If you are lifting from a level 6 to a level 9, you would select the Violet Intensifier to add to your formula.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Vivid primary and secondary color tones offer the ultimate tool for formulating creative and corrective color
    - Long-lasting
    - True to tone, radiant and results that endure


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