OPI GelColor Collection - 7.5ml Size-OPI


OPI GelColor Collection - 7.5ml Size
OPI GelColor Collection - 7.5ml Size
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  • Product Details
  • New OPI GelColor with breakthrough ProHealth Technology. No damage removal for healthier looking nails. New MIDI 7.5 ml size! The perfect trial size and a great option for those looking to expand on GelColor offerings. Available in 60 iconic OPI shades.
  • How To Use
  • Application:
    1. Sanitize, prep, and push back cuticles. Then wipe with Hand and Nail Cleanser (or Bond-Aid)
        using a lint-free wipe. Apply Hand & Nail OPI PH Bond.
    2. Apply OPI BASE Gel in a thin application and seal the edge of the nail.
    3. Place hand in the LED for 30 Seconds or 3 minute in a UV light.
    4. Apply Gelish color of choice in a thin application from cuticle to free edge. Be sure to seal the
        edges of the nail.
    5. Place hand in LED light for 30 Seconds or 3 minutes (3 min is suggested) in a UV lamp. For
        darker coverage repeat steps 4 and 5.
    6. Apply OPI Top Coat Sealer from cuticle to free edge using a light application.
    7. Place hand in the LED light for 30 Seconds or 3 minutes in a UV light.
    8. Wipe off the Tacky layer with Cleanser or Alcohol.

    Soak Off Gel Removal:
    1. Use a buffer or file to break a portion of the seal on top layer of top coat.
    2. Put fingers in a bowl of acetone or soak-off remover , or wrap the nail with foil around finger, be
        sure to put acetone or remover on a piece of cotton before wrapping with foil. (if acetone is
        warmed up will be quicker to remove, do not microwave acetone or any flammable products
        simply place a bowl of warm water under the bowl of acetone or soak off removal products
        allow 5-10 mins)
    3. Allow nails to soak in either acetone or soak-off remover 10-15 mins.
    4. Use a orange wood stick or cuticle pusher to remove gel off remaining gel polish. 
  • Features and Benefits
  • - A proprietary formula exclusive to OPI
    - Easy removal in as fast as 7 minutes
    - 2 Weeks of Wear
    - Unbeatable Shine
    - Available in 60 iconic OPI Shades


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