Powder Perfection Dipping System 1.5 oz

Powder Perfection by OPI
SKU#: USA-M-865161 UPC#:

Powder Perfection Dipping System 1.5 oz

Powder Perfection by OPI
SKU#: USA-M-865161 UPC#:
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  • OPI POWDER PERFECTION I DIPPING SYSTEM Acrylic nails reinvented. Faster, easier & odor-free. Gel-like shine and weeks of wear. Dries almost instantly, no need to light cure. Easy soak-off wrap removal | Natural feeling results | 29 iconic OPI shades.

    OPI Powder Perfection can be removed using a minimal filing and soak off technique. Follow the OPI Powder Perfection removal system and Step by Steps for best results and damage free removal.
  • 1. OPI Powder Perfection uses the application of a resin in the form of OPI Powder Perfection Base Coat. It is formulated with primarily short chains of a very reactive monomer, ethyl cyanoacrylate.
    2. Nails are then dipped into an OPI Powder Perfection Powder. The powder sits on top and works its way into the thin layer of OPI Powder Perfection Base Coat which is still uncured. A second coat of OPI Powder Perfection Base Coat is applied then dipped again, creating a thicker application and achieving full coverage of color.
    3. A third coat of OPI Powder Perfection
    4. Next, the OPI Powder Perfection Activator is applied, starting the polymerization, or curing process. The monomers react into polymers adhering strongly to the nail and the powder strengthening the entire system.
    5. This first application of Activator is followed by contouring and buf ng the nails. This can be achieved through filing and buffering techniques, but should not require the use of e-files when properly applied. Once the nails are shaped as desired, a second coat of OPI Powder Perfection Activator is applied.
    6. After the Activator is dry (1–2 min), two coats of OPI Powder Perfection Top Coat are applied. The Activator immediately begins to cure the Top Coat and within minutes the entire system is cured.
    The Results:
    The results show a protective overlay for the natural nail with built-in color that provides 2+ weeks of wear. The adhesion and ease of application makes OPI Powder Perfection the ideal choice for clients who desire strength, durability and long lasting color.
    � Available in 44 iconic OPI shades that your clients know and love
    � 2 layers of powder are applied for Powder Perfection services
    � Ideal for French manicures
    � Use OPI dipping dish to create perfect smile lines
    � 2 layers of powder are applied for Powder Perfection services
    � Works with all OPI Powder Perfection Color Powders and Pink & White Powders
    � Creates a protective layer that allows for smoothing and shaping, without impacting the color result
    � 1 layer is applied for all Powder Perfection services