Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze

Shinefinity by Wella
SKU#: USA-M-813151 UPC#:

Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze

Shinefinity by Wella
SKU#: USA-M-813151 UPC#:
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00/00 Crystal Glaze USA-026526 4064666049915
00/66 Violet Booster USA-026528 4064666049908
00/89 Blue Booster USA-026529 4064666049922
04/07 Bitter Chocolate USA-026530 4064666050157
04/65 Deep Cherry USA-026531 4064666049946
05/37 Caramel Espresso USA-026532 4064666050133
05/43 Hot Chili USA-026533 4064666050188
05/98 Steel Orchid USA-026537 4064666049960
06/02 Dark Sage USA-026538 4064666050164
06/07 Deep Walnut USA-026539 4064666050201
06/43 Copper Sunset USA-026540 4064666050096
06/06 Cherry Wine USA-026541 4064666050010
06/71 Frosted Chestnut USA-026542 4064666049991
06/73 Caramel Chocolate USA-026543 4064666050072
07/13 Toffee Cream USA-026544 4064666050065
07/34 Paprika Spice USA-026545 4064666050119
07/59 Strawberry Wine USA-026546 4064666049984
07/75 Raspberry Latte USA-026547 4064666050195
07/81 Smokey Opal USA-026548 4064666050034
08/34 Spicy Ginger USA-026549 4064666050126
08/38 Honey Latte USA-026550 4064666050089
08/08 Blue Pearl USA-026551 4064666049953
08/98 Silver Pearl USA-026552 4064666050027
09/02 Soft Sage USA-026553 4064666050171
09/05 Silk Blush USA-026554 4064666050218
09/07 Beige Sand USA-026555 4064666050140
09/13 Toffee Milk USA-026556 4064666049977
09/36 Vanilla Glaze USA-026557 4064666050058
09/61 Iced Platinum USA-026558 4064666050041
09/65 Pink Shimmer USA-026559 4064666050003
09/73 Caramel Milk USA-026560 4064666050102
09/81 Pearl Ash USA-026561 4064666049939
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  • Wella Professionals Shinefinity, shine you can feel! The new translucent demi-permanent hair color offers zero lift, zero damage, up to 6 weeks color glaze**. It is a clean formula with true-to-tone reliable color results, no-drip gel cream and balanced pH technology.

    **Provided hair is washed 3X a week.

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    1. Wear suitable gloves.
    2. Always mix in a ratio of 1:1. 1 part SHINEFINITY ZERO LIFT GLAZE with 1 part SHINEFINITY Activator.
    3. The mixture can be applied using applicator bottle or bowl & brush.
    4. Apply SHINEFINITY to pre-shampooed, towel-dried hair evenly from roots to ends.
    5. Tip: For even more intensity, you can also apply the mixture directly on dry hair.

    DEVELOPMENT TIME: Without heat: up to 20 minutes. For more intense results use added heat: 15 minutes.

    ROOT TREATMENT: On visible regrowth apply to root area first, for a soft blended result.

    1. For maximum refresh: Apply the color to the mid lengths and ends and develop for the full development time.
    2. For minimum refresh: Comb the root color through the mid length and ends after 15 min and develop for a further 5 min.
    3. Can be used on lengths and ends when using Koleston Perfect or Illumina Color on the roots if desired.
    • Long-lasting color glaze
    • Up to 6 weeks
    • 20-minute service
    • Zero lift & damage
    • True-to-tone color results
    • No-drip gel cream
    • Clean formula
    • Balanced pH technology
  • See individual colors for details.