12N Ultra Light Blonde

Color Perfect by Wella
SKU#: USA-814212 UPC#: 70018073457

12N Ultra Light Blonde

Color Perfect by Wella
SKU#: USA-814212 UPC#: 70018073457
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12N Ultra Light Blonde USA-814212 70018073457
4BR Autumn Brown Red USA-814370 70018073839
12A Ultra Light Ash Blonde USA-814242 70018074171
3N Dark Brown USA-814203 70018073556
4N Medium Brown USA-814204 70018074133
5N Light Brown USA-814205 70018073532
6N Dark Blonde USA-814206 70018073518
7N Medium Blonde USA-814207 70018073495
8N Light Blonde USA-814208 70018074119
9N Pale Blonde USA-814209 70018073471
10N Very Light Blonde USA-814210 70018074096
8RG Light Red Gold Blonde USA-814308 70018074355
7WB Warm Medium Blonde USA-814322 70018074416
5A Light Ash Brown USA-814235 70018074638
6A Dark Ash Blonde USA-814236 70018074218
7A Medium Ash Blonde USA-814237 70018073631
8A Light Ash Blonde USA-814238 70018074195
9A Pale Ash Blonde USA-814239 70018073617
5G Light Golden Brown USA-814265 70018074331
6G Dark Gold Blonde USA-814266 70018073716
7G Med Gold Blonde USA-814267 70018074317
8G Light Gold Blonde USA-814268 70018073693
BB Blonding Booster USA-814320 70018074492
6WB Warm Dark Blonde USA-814321 70018073815
5RR Level 5 Pure Red USA-814323 70018074454
6RR Level 6 Pure Red USA-814324 70018074478
V Violet USA-814325 70018074539
B Blue USA-814330 70018074515
5BR Spicy Brown Red USA-814375 70018074430
4G Medium Gold Brown USA-814264 70018073730
3RV Burgundy USA-814293 70018074393
4RV Auburn USA-814294 70018073792
4A Medium Ash Brown USA-814234 70018074232
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  • Color Perfect Permanent Haircolor has an excellent array of creme gel colors formulated to be completely intermixable to create any shade desired with predictable natural-looking results.
  • Do not shampoo unless hair is heavily soiled. When coloring hair the same level or darker, make 1/4"" partings and apply color mixture thoroughly to new growth area. When completed, apply color mixture straight through the entire length of the hair. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution. Develop up to 30 minutes. When using a lighter or more vibrant color, follow steps A through D.

    A. Apply to lengths, keeping 1/2"" away from the scalp.
    B. Process for 15 to 30 minutes. IMPORTANT: Check color development frequently.
    C. After color has developed on the lengths, apply fresh mixture generously to new growth area and ends.
    D. Leave color mixture until new growth, lengths and ends are balanced.
    IMPORTANT: Timing may vary depending on the texture and porosity. Check color development frequently.
  • - ""Dual-Dye System"" delivers defined tonality and offers high fashion results with more intensity and clarity of definition.
    -Ammonia levels are calibrated to assure less stress and minimal change to hair structure.
    -Leaves hair shining and in better condition.
    -The liquid-gel formula offers convenience -combines the richness of creme color with the fast application of a liquid.
  • Liquid-gel formula