7NA Neutral Ash

SoColor Sync by Matrix
SKU#: USA-020491 UPC#: 884486460752

7NA Neutral Ash

SoColor Sync by Matrix
SKU#: USA-020491 UPC#: 884486460752
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7NA Neutral Ash USA-020491 884486460752
7NV Neutral Violet USA-020493 884486460776
9NA Neutral Ash USA-020492 884486460769
5NJ Neutral Jade USA-020489 884486460738
7NJ Neutral Jade USA-020490 884486460745
5VA Medium Brown Violet Ash USA-010037 884486414298
7VA Dark Blonde Violet Ash USA-010036 884486414281
5AA Medium Brown Ash Ash USA-010039 884486414311
7AA Dark Blonde Ash Ash USA-010038 884486414304
11P Extra Light Blonde Plus Pearl USA-014940 884486440440
SPN Sheer Pastel Neutral USA-014935 884486440396
SPP Sheer Pastel Pearl USA-014936 884486440402
SPV Sheer Pastel Violet USA-014933 884486440372
SPA Sheer Pastel Ash USA-014934 884486440389
11N Extra Light Blonde Plus Neutral USA-014939 884486440433
11A Extra Light Blonde Plus Ash USA-014937 884486440419
11V Extra Light Blonde Plus Violet USA-014938 884486440426
9GV Light Blonde Gold Violet USA-812863 884486222848
10N Extra Light Blonde Neutral USA-812900 884486222107
7RR+ Dark Blonde Red Red Plus USA-812868 884486222732
5VV Medium Brown Violet Violet USA-812869 884486222800
4A Dark Brown Ash USA-812902 884486222190
6A Light Brown Ash USA-812903 884486222183
6N Light Brown Neutral USA-812906 884486222121
8N Medium Blonde Neutral USA-812907 884486222114
10A Extra Light Blonde Ash USA-812908 884486222169
10G Extra Light Blonde Gold USA-812909 884486222480
Alkaline Clear USA-812910 884486222718
10V Extra Light Blonde Violet USA-812905 884486222237
3VV Darkest Brown Violet Violet USA-812982 884486222794
4RV+ Dark Brown Red Violet Plus USA-812951 884486222640
6RV+ Light Brown Red Violet Plus USA-812952 884486222633
5MM Mocha Mocha USA-812953 884486222404
7MM Mocha Mocha USA-812954 884486222398
6BC Brown Copper USA-812941 884486222442
8BC Blonde Copper USA-812942 884486222435
4BR Brown Red USA-812943 884486222473
6BR Brown Red USA-812944 884486222466
HD RR USA-812947 884486354310
HD RV USA-812948 884486222701
4BC Brown Copper USA-812940 884486222459
3WN Warm Neutral USA-812939 884486222312
8M Medium Mocha Blonde USA-812936 884486222336
10M Extra Light Mocha Blonde USA-812937 884486222329
5WN Warm Neutral USA-812938 884486222305
8P Pearl USA-812913 884486222152
7M Dark Mocha Blonde USA-812935 884486222343
8CG Copper Gold USA-812928 884486222572
10CG Copper Gold USA-812929 884486222565
8G Gold USA-812930 884486222497
6G Gold USA-812931 884486222503
5M Medium Mocha Brown USA-812933 884486222367
6M Light Mocha Brown USA-812934 884486222350
6CG Copper Gold USA-812927 884486222589
5N Neutral USA-812922 884486231031
8RC+ Red Copper USA-812923 884486222619
6RC+ Red Copper USA-812924 884486222626
6RB Red Brown Blonde USA-812925 884486222602
4RB Red Brown Blonde USA-812926 884486222855
8V Violet USA-812917 884486222244
10WN Warm Neutral USA-812918 884486222268
10P Pearl USA-812919 884486222145
3N Neutral USA-812920 884486222138
8A Ash USA-812921 884486222176
8WN Warm Neutral USA-812914 884486222275
6WN Warm Neutral USA-812915 884486222299
1A Ash USA-812916 884486222206
6AG Light Brown Ash Gold USA-812911 884486222220
  • The SoColor Sync Alkaline formulas are Pre-bonded, helping to protect the inner hair structure, colour after colour*, and Pre-paired with our SoColor permanent range for seamless results from root to tip.
    The Alkaline toners includes over 50 shades from cool Ashes, to warming Mochas and even vibrant Reds. These shades will deposit a conditioning formula which is perfect for a seamless colour from root to tip.

    (*Assessed after 7 applications on sensitized hair)
  • Application Instructions:

    • Apply to dry or 80% towel dried hair
    • Use a virgin, retouch or creative placement
    • 1:1 mixing ratio
    • Mix with SoColor Sync Activator 9 Vol (2.7%)
    • Up to 20 mins visual processing time
  • Pre-Bonded
    Our exclusive Bond-Protecting Concentrate protects the inner hair structure – so you can maintain the integrity of the hair, color after color.

    Our formulas are pre-blended with background + reflect – so you can neutralize every underlying pigment. 

    Our permanent + demi-permanent oxidative dyes are perfectly matched – so you can achieve seamless, root-to-tip color, that lasts and fades on tone.