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Light Master Bonder Inside
Light Master Bonder Inside
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  • Product Details
  • Light Master Bonder Inside, Level 8 pre-mixed lightening powder with bonder Inside. Protects bonds to keep fibers strong while lifting up to 8 levels.
  • How To Use
  • - Levels of Lift 8 + Bonder Inside
    - Main Benefit - Protect bonds to keep fibers strong while lifting up to 8 levels
    - Promoter/Developer - Use with Matrix Cream Developer
    - Heat Option - No
    - Processing Time - Up to 50 minutes without heat
    - Scalp Application - Yes 10 - 30 Volume
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Reduces breakage during the lightening process for increased strength
    - Improved elasticity
    - Provides touchable smoothness
    - No extra steps
    - Up to 8 levels of lift
    - Protects bonds for increased strength
    - Compatible with our Light Master Oil and Clay additives


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