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SoColor Blended Collection
SoColor Blended Collection


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  • Product Details
  • SoColor Blended Collection - Pre-blended shades that offer a range of tones from cool to warm. Featuring a rich, creamy formula with Cera-Oil Conditioning Complex that nourishes and continuously conditions for up to 30 shampoos.
  • How To Use
    Formula Adjustment based on % of Grey
    - Less than 50% Grey - Desired Level
    - 50% Grey and More - 1 Level darker than desired level

    Precise, predictable results at every level, everytime MATRIX Cream Developer (10, 20, 30, 40 Volume)

    Equal parts SOCOLOR and MATRIX Cream Developer
    30 - 45 minutes
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Exceptional color results with a multitude of shades
    - Create every color imaginable from natural to vibrant
    - Create subtle highlights to special effects
    - Delivers color clarity and exceptional grey coverage with advanced dyes
    - Simplifies formulating with The Four Basic Rules (see directions)
    - Offers salon economy-one 3 oz. tube contains two average retouch applications
    - Maximizes shine and silkiness with the rich Alpha Honey Complex
  • Ingredients
  • SOCOLOR features innovative Cera-OilTM Conditioning Complex:
    • Cera-OilTM Conditioning Complex continuously conditions for up to 30 shampoos.
    • HexaForce polymer, due to its small size, penetrates the cortex of the hair. Because it is positively charged, the polymer is attracted to damaged sites (which are negatively charged). It attaches to these areas and reinforces the hair structure.
    • Ceramide Complex and Cationic Polymer equalize porosity for an even surface. The Complex is similar to the hair’s intracellular cement. It penetrates the cuticle layer and reinforces it.
    • Natural Jojoba Seed Oil is similar in molecular structure to the natural oil our scalp produces and helps nourish and polish the hair’s surface. Hair is left smooth, resilient and healthy looking after each color service.


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