Ten Minute Permanent Hair Color

Rusk In10 by Rusk
SKU#: USA-M-798159 UPC#:

Ten Minute Permanent Hair Color

Rusk In10 by Rusk
SKU#: USA-M-798159 UPC#:
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5A Light Ash Brown USA-026644 611186530245
5NN Light Natural Brown USA-026638 611186530221
6C Dark Copper Blonde USA-026640 611186530276
6R Dark Red Blonde USA-026641 611186530238
6S Dark Sand Blonde USA-026645 611186530252
7NN Medium Blonde USA-026646 611186530269
10S Ultra Light Sand Blonde USA-026636 611186530214
6G Dark Golden Blonde USA-018294 611186051603
8S Light Sand Blonde USA-018299 611186051641
6CG Dark Copper Gold Blonde USA-018296 611186051658
7N Medium Natural Blonde USA-018291 611186051573
5M Light Mahogany Brown USA-018293 611186051597
2N Darkest Natural Brown USA-018286 611186051528
3N Dark Natural Brown USA-018287 611186051535
4N Medium Natural Brown USA-018288 611186051542
5N Light Natural Brown USA-018289 611186051665
6N Dark Natural Blonde USA-018290 611186051566
8G Light Golden Blonde USA-018295 611186051610
1N Black USA-018285 611186051511
7A Medium Ash Blonde USA-018297 611186051627
8N Light Natural Blonde USA-018292 611186051580
8A Light Ash Blonde USA-018298 611186051634
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  • Superior color that processes in 10 minutes without compromising performance. Reinvent the appointment book with RUSKin10 a concise collection designed to fill the gap in any color tool kit.

    Grow your color business:
    • New express services menu
    • Quick add-on color with any service
    • Renewed client interest in coming back to the salon more frequently
    1. Mix 1 oz. RUSKin10 Color with 2 oz. RUSKin10 20 Volume Developer.
    2. Apply using bowl and brush or applicator bottle.
    3. Process for 10 minutes without heat.
    4. Rinse. Shampoo and condition.
    5. Do not process with heat. Always perform a strand test.
    • 100% gray coverage.
    • Micro Pigment technology deposits color deep into the cortex for long-lasting color and complete gray coverage.
    • Condition and protects with 5 Amino Acids. 
    • Dedicated 20 Volume Developer, for optimal color results.
    • Arginine - strengthens hair fiber and ads elasticity
    • Serine - anti aging and conditioning properties
    • Threonine - stimulates the regeneration of collagen ?extremely hydrating
    • Wheat protein - easily penetrates hair shaft adds body + strength
    • Silk protein – protective film(atmospheric pollution) leaves hair soft and silky
    Arginine, Serine, Threonine – 3 important amino acids that mimic the keratin composition of hair