Dripping In Gold

All In One by Kiara Sky
SKU#: USA-027707 UPC#: 810042922242

Dripping In Gold

All In One by Kiara Sky
SKU#: USA-027707 UPC#: 810042922242
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Honey Blonde USA-020817 810042922211
#NOTD USA-020822 810042922532
It's A Mood USA-020827 810042922259
Champagne Toast USA-020830 810042922327
Disco Dream USA-020832 810042922662
Like A Snack USA-020833 810042922686
Good As Gone USA-020834 810042922747
Little Black Dress USA-020837 810042922938
Keep it 100 USA-020838 810042922907
Go Green USA-020841 810042922839
Smooch USA-020843 810042923058
Summer Fling USA-020844 810042923065
Bare Velvet USA-027705 810042922136
Teddy Bare USA-027706 810042922150
Dripping In Gold USA-027707 810042922242
Cray Grey USA-027708 810042922266
Wake Up Call USA-027709 810042922273
Top Notch USA-027710 810042922280
Take The Crown USA-027711 810042922310
Prom Queen USA-027712 810042922334
Bachelored USA-027713 810042922341
So Extra USA-027714 810042922358
Frosted Wine USA-027715 810042922365
No Redgrets USA-027716 810042922396
Redckless USA-027717 810042922402
My Type USA-027718 810042922457
Pink Stardust USA-027719 810042922488
High Key, Like Me USA-027720 810042922495
Triple Threat USA-027721 810042922501
Pretty Things USA-027722 810042922518
Power Move USA-027723 810042922549
Pink Panther USA-027724 810042922556
Girl Code USA-027725 810042922570
First Love USA-027726 810042922617
Ultraviolet USA-027727 810042922655
Low Key USA-027728 810042922679
Grape News USA-027729 810042922693
Ghosted USA-027730 810042922723
I Fell For Blue USA-027731 810042922761
Shades Of Cool USA-027732 810042922778
Blue Lights USA-027733 810042922785
Something Borrowed USA-027734 810042922808
Cosmic Blue USA-027735 810042922822
The Tea USA-027736 810042922846
Blue Moon USA-027738 810042922891
Side Hustle USA-027739 810042922914
Like This, Like That USA-027740 810042922921
Bet On Me USA-027741 810042922969
Peachy Keen USA-027742 810042922976
Attention Please USA-027743 810042922983
Partners In Wine USA-027745 810042923003
Pool Party USA-027746 810042923010
Golden Hour USA-027747 810042923027
Blonded USA-027748 810042923034
O.C. USA-027749 810042923041
Tea-Quila Lime USA-027751 810042929456
For Shore USA-027752 810042929463
Let's Flamingle USA-027753 810042929470
Drop The Beet USA-027754 810042929487
Peach Bum USA-027755 810042929494
Chic Happens USA-027267 810042922198
Etiquette First USA-027266 810042922181
Gleam Big USA-020824 810042922303
Love Note USA-020825 810042922419
Brownie Points USA-020829 810042922297
Wifey Material USA-020819 810042922174
1-800-His Loss USA-027272 810042922600
Black Tie Affair USA-020845 810042922945
Pretty Please USA-027265 810042922167
Pink And Polished USA-020821 810042922525
Oh-So-Boho USA-027262 810042922112
Sugar High USA-020816 810042922204
Laven-Dare USA-027258 810042922105
Invite Only USA-020826 810042922440
Berry Pretty USA-027271 810042922594
Chai Spice Latte USA-027264 810042922143
Serial Chiller USA-027273 810042922709
Palm Reader USA-027274 810042922853
Snow Bunny USA-020814 810042922082
The Perfect Nude USA-020818 810042922129
Fun & Flirty USA-027275 810042922990
Baby Boo USA-020840 810042922754
Encouragment USA-020839 810042922792
Light Up USA-020842 810042922952
I Do USA-020815 810042922099
Bon Voyage USA-020831 810042922884
Red Flags USA-027268 810042922389
Now And Zen USA-020835 810042922877
Next Level Muave USA-027269 810042922587
Ivy League USA-020836 810042922860
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  • Kiara Sky's newest innovation in gel polish! Made with versatility and consistency in mind the Kiara Sky All-In-One Collection features over 100 gorgeous colors available in nail lacquer, gel polish, or a versatile powder that can be used for dipping, acrylics, and more! Our patented formula of gel polish assures long-lasting wear and high-gloss shine that resists fading and color changes over time. With no base coat needed this soak-off gel polish can be applied as a two or three-step system.

    King Midas cannot come close to the glamour and elegance that this gold glitter shade brings to your nails! From daytime activities to nightlife festivities, your nails will be 'Dripping in Gold' & elevating your every look!

    Break Rules, Not Nails! NEW Professional Nail Products from the #1 Fastest Growing Nail Brand. Click Here to Explore More in Kiara Sky.
    1. Base and Primer application are optional.
    2. Apply colorbase coat from cuticle to free edge.
    3. Be sure to seal the edges of the nail.
    4. Cure 2 minutes under UV lamp or 30 seconds under LED lamp.
    5. Finish with Top Coat. 
    • Our patented formula of gel polish assures long-lasting wear and high gloss shine that resists fading and color changes over time.
    • This soak-off gel polish can be applied as a two or three-step system and will cure in 30 seconds under an LED lamp or 2 minutes under a UV Lamp.
    • Made in the USA.
    • Cruelty-Free.  
  • Di-HEMA Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, hydroxypropyl Methacrylate (HPMA), PED-22 Dimethacrylate, Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenylphosphine Oxide, Hydroxycyclohexylphenyl Ketone. MAY CONTAIN: Mica, Iron Oxides, red 7 Lake, Blue 1 Lake, Ultramarines, Yellow 5 Lake, Aluminum Powder, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Titanium Dioxide.