ChromaSilk 20 Volume Creme Developer-Pravana


20 Volume Creme Developer
20 Volume Creme Developer
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  • Product Details
  • ChromaSilk Creme Developers allows the stylist to perform both permanent and demi-permanent simply by switching PRAVANA developers
  • Features and Benefits
  • PRAVANA Developer Zero Lift
    - Levels of Lift: None
    - Processing: 20-30 mins

    PRAVANA Developer 10 Volume
    - Levels of Lift: Minimal-Max Deposit
    - Processing: 30 mins

    PRAVANA Developer 20 Volume
    - Levels of Lift: Up to 1 Level of Lift Optimal for Gray/White Coverage
    - Processing: 30-45 mins

    PRAVANA Developer 30 Volume - Levels of Lift: Up to 2 Levels of Lift For Lighter, Brighter Effects
    - Processing: Up to 45 mins
    PRAVANA Developer 40 Volume - Levels of Lift: Up to 3 Levels of Lift - for maximum lift - Processing: 45 mins


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