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Metallic Series - Demi Permanent
Metallic Series - Demi Permanent


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  • Product Details
  • The Kenra Color® Silver and Violet Metallics Collections includes 6 Permanent and 6 Demi-Permanent shades that are designed for pre-lightened hair. The Silver and Violet Metallics offer artistry and creativity while providing a blue or violet reflection. The Metallics Collection can be used to add dimensional highlights or for overall cool steel look. Experience trendy elegance with the NEW Metallics Collection.
  • How To Use
  • Step 1: Determine the natural level of the hair
    - Analyze the client’s natural level by holding the Natural Series swatches against the client’s regrowth area and determine which one achieves a blend of the same level
    - Remember, you are only looking for the level of the natural hair, not the tonality
    - If the natural hair level falls between two levels, choose the lighter level when depositing color (going darker), or the darker level when lifting color (going lighter)
    Step 2: Determine the desired level / desired tone
    - Select the appropriate color shade utilizing your swatchbook for reference
    Step 3: Define levels of lift, deposit, or tonal change
    - Use the developer / levels of lift chart to determine the Developer required to ensure proper lifting during the coloring process.
    Step 4: Determine the percentage of gray
    - Identify the correct percentage of gray to assess how much of the Kenra Color Natural Series should be incorporated into the formulation. Reference our gray coverage chart
    - When hair is 80% gray or more, a 20 Volume Developer is recommended
    - The recommended processing time is up to 40 minutes
    Step 5: Identify the underlying pigment
    - Determine the underlying pigment at the desired level you are coloring to
    - Assess whether it will enhance the desired color shade and tone or if you will need to add a neutralizing color to the formulation to control the underlying pigment. Reference our underlying pigment chart.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Vibrant, long lasting color
    - Intense shine
    - Improve condition and manageability
    - Gentle Formulation
    - Outstanding coverage and color saturation


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