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Affirm 5 in 1 Reconstructor
Affirm 5 in 1 Reconstructor


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  • Product Details
  • Affirm 5 in 1 Reconstructor is a unique blend of micro and macrofibrous conditioners that is applied immediately after rinsing the relaxer from the hair and before the Normalizing Shampoo. While substantive conditioners are deposited well within the hair fiber, the hair is restored to its normal pH of the hair. (NOTE: Deep conditioning is still possible at this time because the upper mantle of the hair is still alkaline--approximate pH of 10.0--and the cuticles remain partially open). 5 in 1 Reconstructor is for use on damaged, fine or limp hair. It's also recommended as a deep penetrating moisturizing conditioner for regular salon reconstructive treatment services. 
  • How To Use
  • Step 3 of the Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System
    - Apply immediately after rinsing creme relaxer from hair and leave on for 5 minutes, according
      to professional instructions
    - As a reconstructive treatment, apply liberally after shampooing
    - Cover hair with plastic cap and leave on for 30 minutes
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Re-aligns, seals and smooths cuticles
    - Minimizes porosity and restores hair to normal pH
    - Electronically repairs damaged areas within and along hairshaft by attaching to negatively
      charged (damaged) areas
    - Minimizes breakage and shedding
    - Minimizes porosity and smooths cuticles
    - Detangles hair
    - Imparts body and volume to fine, limp hair while adding shine
  • Ingredients
  • Please see product packaging for details.


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