1N Black

CHI Color by Farouk
SKU#: USA-636126 UPC#: 633911620267

1N Black

CHI Color by Farouk
SKU#: USA-636126 UPC#: 633911620267
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1N Black USA-636126 633911620267
2N Natural Black USA-636127 633911620274
3N Darkest Brown USA-636128 633911620281
4N Dark Brown USA-636129 633911620298
5N Medium Brown USA-636130 633911620304
6N Light Brown USA-636131 633911620311
7N Dark Blonde USA-636132 633911620328
8N Medium Blonde USA-636133 633911620335
9N Light Blonde USA-636134 633911620342
10N Extra Light Blonde USA-636135 633911620359
11N Extra Light Blonde Plus USA-636136 633911620366
4A Dark Ash Brown USA-636137 633911620373
5A Medium Ash Brown USA-636138 633911620380
6A Light Ash Brown USA-636139 633911620397
7A Dark Ash Blonde USA-636140 633911620403
8A Medium Ash Blonde USA-636141 633911620410
9A Light Ash Blonde USA-636142 633911620427
11A Extra Light Ash Blonde Plus USA-636143 633911620434
5Aa Medium Ash Ash Brown USA-636144 633911620441
6AA Light Ash Ash Brown USA-636145 633911620458
7Aa Dark Ash Ash Blonde USA-636146 633911620465
8AA Medium Ash Ash Blonde USA-636147 633911620496
7I Dark Iridescent Blonde USA-636148 633911620502
9I Light Iridescent Blonde USA-636149 633911620519
11I Extra Light Iridescent Blonde Plus USA-636150 633911620526
6B Light Beige Brown USA-636151 633911620533
8B Medium Beige Blonde USA-636152 633911620540
10B Extra Light Beige Blonde USA-636153 633911620557
5W Medium Warm Brown USA-636154 633911620564
6W Light Warm Brown USA-636155 633911620571
7W Dark Warm Blonde USA-636156 633911620588
8W Medium Warm Blonde USA-636157 633911620595
11W Extra Light Warm Blonde Plus USA-636158 633911620601
5G Medium Gold Brown USA-636159 633911620618
6G Light Gold Brown USA-636160 633911620625
7G Dark Gold Blonde USA-636161 633911620632
8G Medium Gold Blonde USA-636162 633911620649
9G Light Gold Blonde USA-636163 633911620656
10G Extra Light Gold Blonde USA-636164 633911620663
4RB Dark Red Brown USA-636165 633911620670
6RB Light Red Brown USA-636166 633911620687
7RB Dark Red Blonde USA-636167 633911620694
8RB Medium Red Blonde USA-636168 633911620700
5CG Medium Copper Golden Brown USA-636169 633911620717
7CG Dark Copper Gold Blonde USA-636170 633911620724
8CG Medium Copper Gold Blonde USA-636171 633911620731
9CG Light Copper Gold Blonde USA-636172 633911620748
4C Dark Copper Brown USA-636173 633911620755
5C Medium Copper Brown USA-636174 633911620762
6C Light Copper Brown USA-636175 633911620779
7C Dark Copper Blonde USA-636176 633911620786
8C Medium Copper Blonde USA-636177 633911620793
4RR Red Plum USA-636178 633911620809
5RR Red Wine USA-636179 633911620816
6RR Red Crimson USA-636180 633911620823
7RR Red Red USA-636181 633911620830
8RR Red Copper USA-636182 633911620847
4RV Dark Red Violet USA-636183 633911620854
5RV Med Red Violet USA-636184 633911620861
6RV Light Red Violet USA-636185 633911620878
7RV Extra Light Red Violet USA-636186 633911620885
8RV Extra Light Red Violet Plus USA-636187 633911620892
50-4N Dark Natural Brown USA-636188 633911620908
50-5N Medium Natural Brown USA-636189 633911620915
50-6N Light Natural Brown USA-636190 633911620922
50-7N Dark Natural Blonde USA-636191 633911620939
50-8N Medium Natural Blonde USA-636192 633911620946
50-9N Light Natural Blonde USA-636193 633911620953
50-10N Extra Light Natural Blonde USA-636194 633911620960
50-4W Dark Natural Warm Brown USA-636195 633911620977
50-6W Light Natural Warm Brown USA-636196 633911620984
50-8W Medium Natural Warm Blonde USA-636197 633911620991
50-3R Darkest Natural Red Brown USA-636198 633911630112
50-5R Medium Natural Red Brown USA-636199 633911630129
50-7R Dark Natural Red Blonde USA-636200 633911630136
50-9R Light Natural Red Blonde USA-636201 633911630143
UL-12N Ultra Light Natural Blonde USA-636202 633911630150
UL-12A Ultra Light Ash Blonde USA-636203 633911630167
UL-121 Ultra Light Iridescent Blonde USA-636204 633911630174
ULP-13A Ultra Light Pale Ash Blonde USA-636205 633911630181
ULP-13N Ultra Light Pale Natural Blonde USA-636206 633911630198
ULP-13B Ultra Light Pale Beige Blonde USA-636207 633911630204
Additive - Blue USA-636208 633911630549
Additive - Violet USA-636209 633911630211
Additive - Ash USA-636210 633911630228
Additive - Double Ash USA-636211 633911630235
Additive - Beige USA-636212 633911630242
Additive - Red USA-636213 633911630259
Additive - Orange USA-636214 633911630266
Additive - Gold USA-636215 633911630273
4CM Dark Chocolate Mocha Brown USA-636774 633911660546
5CM Medium Chocolate Mocha Brown USA-636775 633911660553
6CM Light Chocolate Mocha Brown USA-636776 633911660560
7CM Dark Chocolate Mocha Blonde USA-636777 633911660577
8CM Medium Chocolate Mocha Blonde USA-636778 633911660584
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  • CHI? Ionic Permanent Shine Color Systems. Confidence has never been so easy with coloring. CHI? Ionic Permanent Shine Color is the easiest and most reliable color line that you can imagine!
    There is no guesswork with complicated formulations because the formula is already pre-mixed for you in the CHI? Ionic Color Tube! Formulating is just following the Four Easy Steps.
    These steps are logical, step-by-step sequences, which will guide you to achieve your target color with precise accuracy and predictability.
    Step 1: Determine the Natural Level You Are Starting From
    Step 2: Determine the Level You Wish to Achieve
    Step 3: Determine the Tone Desired
    Step 4: Determine the Volume of Developer Needed
  • CHI� Ionic Permanent Shine Color does not contain any ammonia, therefore a consistent pH is maintained during the whole coloring process. Farouk Systems has replaced hazardous ammonia with a mild, yet effective alkaline called Monoethanolamine = MEA.
    MEA will maintain consistent pH throughout the color procedure, therefore CHI� Ionic Permanent Shine Color is a Non Progressive Color. Once the peroxide has released the oxygen, it becomes water and CHI� Ionic Permanent Shine Color becomes color conditioner. Extra processing time with CHI� Ionic Color will not change the color level or tone.
  • Performance
    -Longer lasting color with unparalleled shine
    -Richer more vibrant reds
    -Sensational true brunettes
    -Fiery coppers
    -Pre-mixed Coverage Plus for 100% gray coverage
    -Exceptional High Lift Blondes for up to 5 levels of lift and deposit

    -4 easy steps to successful color every time
    -Easy and logical steps to achieve target color
    -No more complicated formulations
    -No more guessing
    -87 luxurious vibrant colors for unlimited coloring possibilities
    -8 pre-mixed additives for total control
    -To be mixed with CHI Color Generator

    -CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color has replaced hazardous ammonia with a mild, yet highly effective alkaline called MEA (Monoethanolamine)
    -When ammonia is mixed with peroxide it creates unstable gasses which leads to an unstable pH level
    -When MEA is mixed with peroxide, it DOES NOT create any gases and the color maintains a consistent pH level
  • Ammonia-Free

    CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color has replaced hazardous ammonia with a mild, yet highly effective alkaline called MEA (Monoethanolamine).
    When ammonia is mixed with peroxide it creates unstable gasses which leads to an unstable pH level.
    When MEA is mixed with peroxide, it DOES NOT create any gases and the color maintains a consistent pH level.