CHI Infra High Lift

CHI Color by Farouk
SKU#: USA-M-635002 UPC#:

CHI Infra High Lift

CHI Color by Farouk
SKU#: USA-M-635002 UPC#:
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RO Red-Orange USA-636050 633911678565
RR Red Red USA-636051 633911678589
RV Red Violet USA-636052 633911678602
GB Golden Blonde USA-636063 633911678626
BB Beige Blonde USA-636064 633911678640
CB Cool Blonde USA-636065 633911678664
ABR Ash Brown USA-637086 633911677902
NBR Natural Brown USA-637087 633911677926
CBR Chocolate Brown USA-637088 633911677940
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  • CHI Infra Environmental Cream Color is an ammonia free system that offers total versatility for all hair color needs. One system with CHI Infra Environmental High Lift Cream Color provides up to 8 levels of lift in one easy step. CHI Infra Environmental No Lift Cream Color delivers one easy step to deposit. This system offers High Lift in 3 Blondes, 3 Reds and 3 Browns and No Lift in 3 Blondes, 3 Reds, 3 Browns and 1 Black.
    CHI Infra Environmental Cream Color eliminates the two step process in hair color services. Now it?s a one step, damage free system to lift and tone or fill and deposit while providing incredible long lasting color with unparalleled shine. CHI Infra Environmental Cream Color not only offers true versatility, but offers this service in 15 minutes or less. This allows for even quicker services in salons for the professional and ease for the client.
    Mix (1:1) 1 part of CHI Infra High Lift Cream Color and 1 part of chosen CHI Color Generator to smooth consistency.

    � No pre-shampooing is needed.
    � Apply generous amount of product on dry hair.
    � Always wear gloves.
    � When doing retouches, apply only to the new growth area. Avoid overlapping. � Full head applications must be 1/8th of an inch off the scalp.
    � Do not apply product directly to the scalp.
  • ?-Ammonia Free
    -Less swelling perfect for all foiling techniques
    -Pleasant fragrance
    -Oil based cream color
    -Color gives maximum conditioning benefits for all applications
    -Hair stays in better condition