Crema XG 6A Ash

Crema XG by John Paul Mitchell Systems
SKU#: USA-014850 UPC#: 9531131429

Crema XG 6A Ash

Crema XG by John Paul Mitchell Systems
SKU#: USA-014850 UPC#: 9531131429
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6AA Ash Ash USA-014858 9531131436
6A Ash USA-014850 9531131429
10PA Pearl Ash USA-014862 9531131467
6BA Brown Ash USA-014880 9531131702
4BA Brown Ash USA-014882 9531131726
8PA Pearl Ash USA-014863 9531131474
1AA Ash Ash USA-014860 9531131450
5BA Brown Ash USA-014881 9531131719
5N Natural USA-014837 9531131238
10N Natural USA-014832 9531131184
6N Natural USA-014836 9531131221
4N Natural USA-014838 9531131245
3VR Violet Red USA-014874 9531131597
6V Violet USA-014877 9531131627
5R Red USA-014870 9531131559
9N Natural USA-014833 9531131191
8N Natural USA-014834 9531131207
7N Natural USA-014835 9531131214
3N Natural USA-014839 9531131252
2N Natural USA-014840 9531131269
9NN Natural Natural USA-014841 9531131276
5NN Natural Natural USA-014842 9531131290
8NB Natural Brown USA-014843 9531131306
7NB Natural Brown USA-014844 9531131313
6NB Natural Brown USA-014845 9531131320
7PN Pearl Natural USA-014846 9531131337
8PN Pearl Natural USA-014847 9531131344
10A Ash USA-014848 9531131405
8A Ash USA-014849 9531131412
4AA Ash Ash USA-014859 9531131443
7PA Pearl Ash USA-014864 9531131481
10P Platinum USA-014866 9531131504
8P Platinum USA-014865 9531131498
8RO Red Orange USA-014867 9531131511
7RO Red Orange USA-014868 9531131528
6R Red USA-014869 9531131542
6RB Red Brown USA-014871 9531131566
4RB Red Brown USA-014872 9531131573
5VR Violet Red USA-014873 9531131580
10V Violet USA-014875 9531131603
8V Violet USA-014876 9531131610
7BA Brown Ash USA-014879 9531131696
7NN Natural Natural USA-014883 9531131764
Clear USA-014878 9531131641
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  • Crema XG? is a rich, demi-permanent cream color that is perfectly shade-matched to Paul Mitchell? Color XG? for a complete service solution. Formulated with NO AMMONIA, this VEGAN cream color conditions and adds shine for soft, healthy hair.

    The condition you want, the tone you love. Developed in Italy by top color experts, the XG cream hair color family offers the perfect fusion of coverage, reliability and shine for the results you want every time. Formulated with the unique DyeSmart? System, XG color ensures maximum color penetration, resulting in greater longevity and brilliant vibrancy. A soothing blend of cottonseed oil and rice milk leaves hair shiny and healthy, for color that?s always predictable, always beautiful.
    1. Determine the natural or canvas level and percentage of gray.
    2. Determine the target level, tone and overall desired end result.
    3. Refer to the color map to enhance, neutralize or intensify tones. Texture, porosity and conDedmi-tpieormnaneontfcrheamihraiwr coillolr affect the end result.

    2. MIXING
    Mix 1 part of Crema XGTM to 1 part of 10 volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer (1:1 ratio).
    Crema XGTM Clear may be used alone for added shine and enhanced condition, or it may be intermixed with other Crema XGTM shades. To reduce a tone’s intensity or deposit, mix Crema XGTM Clear in equal parts with the selected shade.
    Use these tips to achieve dimensional gray blending on up to 30% gray hair. For hair that is more than 30% gray or for full opaque gray coverage, we recommend using Color XG® permanent cream hair color.
    • Apply gray blending formula to clean, dry hair.
    • Formulate 1 level darker than the target level.
    • Choose a formula from the N or NN families:
    – If intermixing with other Crema XGTM shades, be sure to include N or NN in at least 50% of the formula. – For example: For a natural red-brown on 30% gray hair, use 5NN 1 oz. (30 ml/g) + 4RB 1 oz. (30 ml/g) + 10 volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer 2 oz. (60 ml/g). • An additional 10 minutes of processing time is recommended for coarse hair.
  • -Shade-matched to complement Color XG permanent color services
    -Variety of shades that are on-trend and work right out of the tube
    -Great for toning and refining blondes
    -100% Vegan and No ammonia
    -Conditions and adds shine for soft, healthy hair