The Demi Intensely Cool Collection-John Paul Mitchell Systems


The Demi Intensely Cool Collection
The Demi Intensely Cool Collection
John Paul Mitchell Systems


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  • FOUR COOL TONES YOUR BLONDE GUESTS WILL LOVE - Offer your guests refreshed, refined color results with the new Intensely Cool Collection from The Demi. Ideally suited for high-level blondes, these four delicate shades can be used individually for single-tone refinement or intermixed with any The Demi shades for added dimension. Customize your blonde guests’ tonality with intensified condition and shine every time.


Not Happy
"Used 9PA on a client a few weeks ago to get an icy blonde her hair ended up having a very subtle brown cast to the hair. Gave it another chance to see if it was just that clients hair so I tried it on another. SAME thing became very dark even after rinsing and drying the hair. Had to end up lightening my clients hair to remove that very dirty brown color. I could have been done with her hair and hour or two earlier if it hadn't been for those complications. I was excited to using these new shades but not happy with the results.."
- cam, Sep 6, 2018
Sucks as a toner
"doesn't do much to tone. The violet doesn't seem violet. More like a muddy blue that doesn't deposit much and doesn't leave the hair a nice color."
- Jodi, Jan 8, 2019
"These tones are gorgeous!!! The demi is a tone you must watch. Especially on porous hair, but that goes for anything. I've had really good luck with them. Gorgeous, rich shades, blendable, easy to apply and a little goes a long way!"
- Matthew, Feb 21, 2019
Love it
"I love this stuff The pa is better as an additive. The 10a is amazing and makes a fantastic icy blonde. Very comparable to a diluted 9p in redken shades eq. Very please. I think people that use this and fail arent paying attention to underlying pigment and may need to study their color wheel."
- Ashley, Jul 23, 2019
Love this line
"Used the 10A with Clear...beautiful it My favorite go to ...tones down yellow"
- Tropipalms, May 1, 2020