Color XG Permanent Cream Hair Color

The Color XG by John Paul Mitchell Systems
SKU#: USA-M-570253 UPC#:

Color XG Permanent Cream Hair Color

The Color XG by John Paul Mitchell Systems
SKU#: USA-M-570253 UPC#:
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HLA Ash Blonde USA-576656 9531121789
HLN Natural Blonde USA-576657 9531121796
HLPN Platinum Natural USA-576658 9531121772
HLP Platinum Blonde USA-576659 9531121765
10A Lightest Ash Blonde USA-576560 9531121338
10G Lightest Gold Blonde USA-576561 9531121406
10NB Lightest Neutral Beige Blonde USA-576562 9531121680
10N Lightest Natural Blonde USA-576563 9531121208
10PN Lightest Pearl Blonde USA-576564 9531121734
10P Lightest Platinum Blonde USA-576565 9531121741
1AA Black USA-576567 9531124551
1N Natural Black USA-576568 9531121123
2N Darkest Brown USA-576570 9531124544
3N Dark Natural Brown USA-576573 9531121130
3VR Violet Red USA-576574 9531124605
4AA Ash Ash Brown USA-576576 9531124568
4A Ash Brown USA-576577 9531121277
4C Medium Copper Brown USA-576578 9531121413
4G Medium Gold Brown USA-576579 9531121345
4NB Medium Natural Brown USA-576582 9531124629
4NN Medium Natural Natural Brown USA-576583 9531121215
4N Natural Brown USA-576584 9531121147
4RB Medium Red Brown Brown USA-576585 9531121550
4RV Medium Red Violet Brown USA-576586 9531121512
4V Medium Violet Brown USA-576587 9531121598
5A Light Ash Brown USA-576588 9531121284
5G Light Gold Brown USA-576589 9531121352
5NB Light Neutral Brown USA-576590 9531121635
5NN Light Natural Natural Brown USA-576591 9531121222
5N Light Natural Brown USA-576592 9531121154
5RB Light Red Brown Brown USA-576601 9531121567
5RO Light Red Orange Brown USA-576608 9531121482
5RV Light Red Violet Brown USA-576609 9531121529
5R Light Red Brown USA-576610 9531121451
5VR Violet Red USA-576611 9531124599
6AA Darkest Ash Blonde USA-576613 9531124575
6A Dark Ash Blonde USA-576614 9531121291
6C Dark Copper Blonde USA-576615 9531121420
6G Dark Gold Blonde USA-576616 9531121369
6NB Dark Natural Brown Blonde USA-576617 9531121642
6NN Dark Natural Natural Blonde USA-576618 9531121239
6N Dark Natural Blonde USA-576619 9531121161
6PN Dark Pearl Natural Blonde USA-576620 9531121697
6RB Dark Red Brown Blonde USA-576621 9531121574
6RO Dark Red Orange Blonde USA-576622 9531121499
6RV Dark Red Violet Blonde USA-576623 9531121536
6R Dark Red Blonde USA-576625 9531121468
6V Dark Violet Blonde USA-576626 9531121604
7A Medium Ash Blonde USA-576628 9531121307
7C Medium Copper Blonde USA-576629 9531121437
7G Medium Gold Blonde USA-576630 9531121376
7NB Medium Natural Brown Blonde USA-576631 9531121659
7NN Medium Natural Natural Blonde USA-576632 9531121246
7PN Medium Pearl Natural Blonde USA-576634 9531121703
7RB Medium Red Brown Blonde USA-576635 9531121581
7RO Medium Red Orange Blonde USA-576636 9531121505
7R Medium Red Blonde USA-576638 9531121475
8A Light Ash Blonde USA-576640 9531121314
8C Light Copper Blonde USA-576641 9531121444
8G Light Gold Blonde USA-576642 9531121383
8NB Light Natural Brown Blonde USA-576643 9531121666
8NN Light Natural Natural Blonde USA-576644 9531121253
8N Light Natural Blonde USA-576645 9531121185
8PN Light Pearl Natural Blonde USA-576646 9531121710
9A Very Light Ash Blonde USA-576649 9531121321
9G Very Light Gold Blonde USA-576650 9531121390
9NB Very Light Natural Brown Blonde USA-576651 9531121673
9NN Very Light Natural Natural Blonde USA-576652 9531121260
9N Very Light Natural Blonde USA-576653 9531121192
9PN Very Light Pearl Natural Blonde USA-576654 9531121727
Clear USA-576655 9531121758
7N Natural Blonde USA-576633 9531121178
7BA Brown Ash USA-010635 9531130705
6BA Brown Ash USA-010637 9531130712
5BA Brown Ash USA-010639 9531130729
4BA Brown Ash USA-010640 9531130736
9BG Brown Gold USA-010641 9531130743
7BG Brown Gold USA-010642 9531130750
6BG Brown Gold USA-010643 9531130767
5VG Violet Gold USA-010644 9531130804
7VG Violet Gold USA-010646 9531130811
9VG Violet Gold USA-010648 9531130828
7P USA-016871 9531130385
9P USA-016872 9531130378
6MT USA-577696 9531127392
7MT USA-577697 9531127613
UTPN/80 Pearl Natural USA-576662 9531121819
UTA/1 Ash USA-576660 9531121826
UTN/0 Natural USA-576661 9531121833
UTV/6 Violet USA-576663 9531121802
8AA Ash Ash USA-008607 9531130361
10AA Ash Ash USA-008608 9531130354
UTP Platinum USA-008606 9531130422
10PA Pearl Ash USA-008601 9531130316
9V Violet USA-008627 9531124612
HLPA Pearl Ash USA-008603 9531130309
7V Violet USA-008604 9531130392
8PA Pearl Ash USA-008597 9531130323
6PA Pearl Ash USA-008595 9531130330
4PA Pearl Ash USA-008594 9531130347
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  • Developed in Italy by Europe's top color experts, this easy-to-use permanent hair color offers the perfect fusion of performance and reliability. With vibrant reds, high-performing natural and cool tones, a complete gray coverage series, a specially curated collection of beautiful intermixable shades, Color XG® creates the results you want every time. Always predictable, always beautiful.
    1. Standard Mixing: Mix 1 part of Color XG® to 1 part of 10-40 volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer (1:1 ratio). 
    2. Mix Ultra Toners with 10 volume.
    3. Mixing for Gray Coverage: Mix 1 part of Color XG® to 1 part of 20 volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer (1:1 ratio).

    Processing Time:
    1. For deposit and minimal lift: 10 volume (3%) Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer and process for 25 minutes.
    2. 1-2 levels of lift or optimal coverage: 20 volume (6%) Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer and process for 35 minutes.
    3. 2-3 levels of lift: 30 volume (9%) Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer and process for 45 minutes.
    4. 3-4 levels of lift: 40 volume (12%) Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer and process for 45-55 minutes.
    5. Highlifts: Double 40 volume (12%) Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer and process for 45-55 minutes.
    6. Ultra Toners: 10 volume (3%) Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer, check color development for desired result starting at 5 minutes. Process for 5-15 minutes.
    • DYESMART® System allows for maximum color penetration and predictability
    • Pure XG Protection System offers a blend of soothing ingredients that leaves hair shiny and healthy
    • Up to 100% gray coverage and vibrant fashion shade results
    • 115+ vibrant shades
  • See individual packaging for ingredients.