Style Color Spray

Style Color by KMS
SKU#: USA-M-531066 UPC#:

Style Color Spray

Style Color by KMS
SKU#: USA-M-531066 UPC#:
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Nude Peach USA-010423 4044897670324
Inked Blue USA-010424 4044897670409
Velvet Berry USA-010419 4044897670362
Rusty Copper USA-532563 4044897670201
Raw Mocha USA-532564 4044897670218
Brushed Gold USA-532565 4044897670225
Dusky Blonde USA-532566 4044897670232
Smoky Lilac USA-532568 4044897670256
Iced Concrete USA-532569 4044897670263
Vintage Blush USA-532570 4044897670270
Stone Wash Denim USA-532571 4044897670287
Real Red USA-015785 4044897670423
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  • Inspired by the trend of urban artistry, the new KMS spray-on color gives you the chance to accentuate your style without long-term committment. It�s easy to apply and easy to remove and it won�t come off unexpectedly. It�s a new approach to temporary hair color � push boundaries, with unlimited potential for personal expression.

    • A unique polymer complex with a blend of pigments evenly adheres to the hair‘s surface and builds a flexible ultra-thin film to guarantee even results on both lighter and darker hair tones and a moveable finish.
    • The water-repellant surface ensures STYLECOLOR only comes off with shampoo and makes it waterproof and pillow-friendly.*


    • Shake the can for 6-10 clicks before spraying – this helps to ensure an even application. Spray approx 6”/15 cm from the head onto dry hair.
    • For best results use short bursts of STYLECOLOR in a sweeping motion rather than a long direct spray.
    • Wait until dry, then brush through. Intensity can be increased with the amount of product used.

    * Results may vary when used with oil-based products.

    • Versatile shades: (5) neutral shades and (4) fashion shades in a matte metallic color tonality. You'll get even results on both lighter and darker hair tone levels
    • Multi-Functional: Use Style Color to create highlights, contrasts, accents, and root tinting.
    • Waterproof and Pillow Proof:* Only comes off with shampoo. No color bleeding from sweat, rain, etc.
    • Features TRIfinity Technology
    • Unique polymer-complex with a blend of pigments that evenly adheres to each hair fiber. It builds a flexible ultra-thin film for easy styling so hair doesn't feel rough or stiff
    • Lasts up to 72 hours & humidity resistant
    • Hold Factor: 2