IGORA Color10 Permanent Hair Color-Schwarzkopf Professional


IGORA Color10 Permanent Hair Color
IGORA Color10 Permanent Hair Color
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Schwarzkopf Professional


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Additional Information

  • Product Details
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Color10 permanent hair color is the perfect answer for clients who are looking for a speedy color service. Using the innovative Amino Acid Carrier technology, it delivers beautiful color results, perfect coverage and outstanding care, all in just 10 minutes processing time.
  • How To Use
  • - Apply to dry, unwashed hair
    - The application time should not exceed 10 minutes.

    Development Time:
    - 10 minutes for standard color services
    - 10 minutes + heat for white coverage or resistant hair types
    - Rinse thoroughly with BC Hairtherapy Color
    Tips: - For perfect color equalization (lift + white coverage) on dark hair use 30 Vol. (9%) - For white coverage, mix fashion tones with a natural shade in equal parts for 100% coverage. - Igora Color 10 Speed Lift + is not recommended for use on a high percentage of white hair.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Permanent color
    - Delivers beautiful color results, perfect white coverage and outstanding care in just 10 minutes
    - The amino acids Arginin and Glycin are well known for their re-building effect on the keratin fiber of the hair.
    - The nurturing benefits of these amino acids stabilize the protein structure and improve the hair condition.
    - Within the formula of Igora Color 10 the two amino acids work together as a carrier of color pigments allowing them to penetrate faster and deeper into the hair.
    - The result: A shorter, more gentle coloring process.
  • Ingredients
  • - Organic Essences include:
    - Grape Seed Oil known for centuries and used in dietary supplement to lift the power of Vitamin C & E
    - Natural Ectoin known for its ability to protect the keratin substances that build the hair fibers present in the hair
    - Natural Bees Wax known for containing mineral nutrients and Vitamin A for suppleness and a natural shine.
    - Acai known for providing a rich combination of vitamins, proteins, sugars and anti-inflammatory properties.
    - Goji Berry known for being an extraordinary, ancient ingredient commonly known as the wolfberry
    - Aloe Vera known for infusing vital moisture into dry, brittle hair and being a rich sources of Vitamin C and A
    - Cranberry known for being high in antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, reduce the damage they cause, and is an excellent source of Vitamin C
    - Ash Tree Bark known for softening, anti-oxidant benefits and re-mineralization of limp, flat hair
    - Tapioca known for providing elastic fibers once the tapioca roots have been ground, milled washed and separated
    - Chamomile known for being found in preparations to treat poorly healing wounds, inflammation, skin irritation, to soothe skin rashes (ease the itching of eczema), minor burns, and sunburn


Number ONE Hair color brand and color line.
"I have used Schwarzkopf since 2001 18 years. I have used most of the lines Schwarzkopf has made Royal, Absolutes, Personalities, Viviance, Vibrance and COLOR 10.Color 10 is so FAST, and the grey coverage is unbelievable. It took a bit of consultation from the company to get exactly what I did from Royal Absolutes... but it works. I wouldnt change for anything.Also, my clients love it...10 minute processing... WHO WOULNT LOVE IT Healthiest Hair"
- Naildr73, Nov 14, 2019