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  • Product Details
  • Tocco Magico Multi Complex Color with eco-certified and organic ingredients responds to the need and desire of the industry to maintain a healthy hair structure. The Multi Complex System creates the “RAP” method of Reconstruction, Anti-aging and Protection by restructuring and reinvigorating the hair structure during the coloring process. Anti-aging effect on the complete hair fiber provides a long lasting result protecting the scalp and hair during the color service to produce a beautiful warm and bright color.

    Multi Complex System is an eco-certified protective cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid gel that contains a mixture of Herbal Extracts (Green Tea, Liquorice, Chamomile, Centella) and Betaglucan, natural sugar. Multi Complex System gradually releases the Actives during the processing time of the color. Herbal Extracts guarantee a restoring and protective action and Betaglucan has an antioxidant effect.

    Provides Anti aging action for scalp and hair with renewed shine and brightness.

    Multi Complex System 3D
    Hyaluronic Acid helps to regulate moisture content on scalp and thanks to the interaction with cheratinic cells; it promotes cellular activity of the follicles. The special combination of low and high molecular weights inside the Hyaluronic Acid creates a deep hydration and restructuring effect on the hair fiber. Provides effective revitalizing and anti-aging action on scalp and hair.

    Multi Complex #D is formed by Hyaluronic Acid gel with inside eco-certified Herbal Extracts (Green Tea, Liquorice, Chamomile and Centella) and Betaglucan. During the processing time (0-30 minutes), the 3D Network releases the Actives inside the hair cuticle and then it is absorbed along the hair fiber to create a “filler effect”. In this way, the Hyaluronic Acid promotes anti-aging action and the color applied is more intense with a longer lasting effect.
  • How To Use
  • Please follow manufacturer’s packaged instructions.

    Mixing Examples and Processing Time:
    For Series Classic and Fashion
    40ml color + 60ml oxy 10-20-30 volumes
    Processing time: 30 minutes approximately

    For Series Ultra Blonde
    40ml color + 60 ml oxy 30-40 volumes
    Processing time: 45 minutes approximately
  • Features and Benefits
  • - 36 nuances (shades)
    - 100% white hair coverage
    - Practical and simple
    - Brilliant and bright results
    - Basically warm color shades
    - With Organic Tea Tree Oil
    - With New Multi Complex System
  • Ingredients
  • Organic Tea Tree Oil, essential oil obtained from the leaves of Malaleuca with anti-inflammatory effects specific for the scalp. Thanks to its purifying properties, Tea Tree Oil improves the health of the scalp and hair during the processing time of the cosmetic color.


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