Demi-Permanent Shades-#mydentity


Demi-Permanent Shades
Demi-Permanent Shades


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  • Product Details
  • The 1st Influencer brand created by the biggest social media superstar in professional hair styling.
    #mydenity Demi-Permanent Haircolor featuring breakthrough MiruStyle X-HP™delivering x-treme heat protection to radically reduce the damaging effects of thermal styling and advanced VibraRiche™ technology for hair color with 2 times the shine.
  • How To Use
  • - In a non-metallic bowl or applicator bottle, mix one part #mydentity@Guy_Tang Demi-Permanent Color Creme with two parts #mydentity @Guy_Tang Demi-Permanent Developer 6V (1:2) and apply color.
    - Process for 5-25 minutes
    - For more opaque coverage, mix one part Demi-Permanent Color Creme with one part Demi-Permanent Developer (1:1)
  • Features and Benefits
  • - pre-blended, signature shades enable stylists to easily recreate the most demanding hair color trends of the season.
    - break-through Mirustyle X-HP™ delivers x-treme heat protection up to 450° to radically reduce the damaging effects of thermal styling
    - advanced VibraRiche™ technology enriches the vibrancy and intensity of color - for hair color with 2 times the shine
    - an exclusive Keratin and Argan Seed Oil Blend to improve the overall integrity of the hair while providing maximum color retention and vibrancy
    - the fragrance - specially formulated by Guy Tang's favorite Lavender Fragrance.


"I have used this #myidentity brand on multiple occasions now. I was so excited to use it, because .. well, guy tang's work is always vibrant and immaculate! I did my research, watched tutorials, felt confident in the product going in to each project. The results were vibrant with the direct dye's .. but literally lasted a day. Not sure if the color boost products are what is needed to make these colors last for longer than the "after" picture .. but if that is the case, it's a waste! Why produce a product that needs another product (other than the usual take home color protect products and instruction) in order to last? The colors as they fade are horrendous .. less than 5 days later! Turquoise fades super quickly. Aqua, as beautiful as it is after washing product out and styling, fades almost as fast. This demi - permanent quite honestly requires some type of color boost in order to see the results you're looking for all together. The 10-DL (dusty lavender) washes out completely after first wash .. and really just leaves a strawberry blonde tone *Sooooo NOT what a client who is asking for cool lavender tones is looking for!* I won't waste my money again on #myidentity products, unless I read that some type of changes are made to the formula to make these hair colors better."
- K.Infinity, Aug 15, 2017
"I absolutely love the creativity you can have with this line! It's so versatile, and the shine is incredible. (Plus it smells like lavender!) I love the story behind it and how it's bringing the hair world together into more of a community. I can't wait for more colors because I'm obsessed!"
- Koren, Dec 9, 2017
My ONLY Demi! It's So Rich and Long Lasting!
"I'm so blown away by the Pigment in this Demi Line! The Colors are so vibrant and rich and deep. It's taken my creativity to a whole new level! The Color lasts a long time and my hair feels so soft and it's never been so shiny! I watch Guy Tang Mydentity Videos on Youtube and he shows us exactly how to use the colors. I started following Guy Tang Hair Artist on Facebook and he posts ALL HIS FORMULAS. The color is mixed 1:2 so you need to be sure to have extra 6 volume Developer (the only one in a black label bottle). DO NOT use 10 Vol, that is for Permanent Color. The color even smells great! It's a color for someone who is a true artist, the color combinations are infinite!"
- Sacramento, Dec 9, 2017
Yes! Yes! Yes!
"So shiny,so beautiful, finally a color line that I can just grab one olor and I know it will be Instagram hair goals!! And the smell!!! My clients notice it and love it! They know when I don't use this color line"
- Hannah, Mar 15, 2018
Love Demi for my Grey Coverage
"I'm 90 percent grey, My hair was menopausal, dry, unruly, frizzy,, My natural level is 5 n.... I used the 5bb and 3 a.... 6 volume...MY HAIR HASN'T LOOKE THIS HEALTHY IN 3 YEARS... GREY IS WELL BLENDED AND LOOKS AWESOME.... IF PERMANENT COLOR ISN'T WORKING FOR YOUR TEXTURE... TRY THIS !!"
- Joleigh, Sep 4, 2018
Love the color
"The color is exactly what I wanted and true to shade. It was easy to follow formulation. My client is very happy with the shade."
- Dayna, Aug 4, 2019
Maybe its just me
"I did not have good results with this product. 6 dusty lavender faded after 2 shampoos. Will stick with Matrix watercolors."
- Mercurialgirl, Nov 2, 2019