Reflections Senior Clipper-Wahl Sterling


Reflections Senior Clipper
Reflections Senior Clipper
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  • Also Includes
  • Includes: clipper, six accessories (attachment combs and styling combs), red blade guard, cleaning brush and oil.
  • Product Details
  • A metal housing, an ergonomic designed chrome lid, a super charge V5000 motor, and long lasting high carbon steel blades combine to make the Sterling Reflections Senior Clipper a real performer.
    - 6 attachment combs
    - Super-flexible 10ft. cord
    - Clipper comes cradled in a plastic backbar organizer tray
    - Styling combs
    - Cleaning Brush
    - Oil
    - Operating Instructions
  • How To Use
  • See package instructions.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Blades adjustable for Zero overlap
    - Adjustable with convenient thumb lever
    - Made in USA
  • Ingredients
  • Super charge V5000 motor, and long lasting high carbon steel blades combine to make the Sterling Reflections clipper a real performer.


A Good Adjustable Blade
"The blade cuts and fades beautifully. It is a durable clipper. Kind of on the heavy side."
- Demi, Mar 20, 2014
It's good while it lasts
"I've had this clipper for nine months and the motor is giving out. It worked great at first, but I do a lot of men's cuts so I have to replace it."
- Colleen, Dec 26, 2016
Reflectios Senior Clipper
"The cord is not attached well, and breaks easily. Buyer beware."
- Valerie, Aug 10, 2017
great clippers
"I've owned this clipper for 2 years and it gets as close today as the first day I bought them. I've had other girls in our shop use them and they fall in love. I do 14 to 25 cuts a day, 5 days a week. Definitely got my moneys worth. Now ordering a back up just in case these die."
- Deb, Aug 29, 2017
It's good for about 9 months
"I agree it only lasts about 9 months until you need to replace them"
- Rachael, Nov 25, 2017
I would not recommend.
"I remember when I first purchased these the alignment was screwed. and unfixable, the screws wouldn't tighten all the way. I had to trade them in for a new pair, which worked but then they started over heating way to quickly, like a little passed 5 minutes in a haircut and I wouldn't dream of using them on someone if they wanted a 0. Then when I had to clean them out and re align them again it NEVER aligned properly again, it over aligned itself so if I wanted to actually have it at a 0 there would be a 100% chance I'd shred someones head. I haven't even had these a year."
- Allison, Apr 2, 2018
Not the best...
"Bought them to replace my school ones. They ran really hot right out of the box. It seemed to leave track marks too, like you could see where the card went through the hair even if you went over the spot over from all different angles. Maybe like someone else mentioned, the alignment on them is messed up. Not worth the money unfortunately."
- Sarah, Nov 19, 2018