Lithium+Pro Ion Cord/Cordless Clipper-Wahl Sterling


Lithium+Pro Ion Cord/Cordless Clipper
Lithium+Pro Ion Cord/Cordless Clipper
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Size: 1 Each

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  • Product Details
  • The Wahl Sterling Lithium-Pro Ion Cord/Cordless Clipper with significantly improved life cycle/expectancy of the Lithium battery and the fact that they are lightweight, makes these units a must have! Can be operated as either corded or cordless, giving you much needed flexibility.

    Kit includes:
    - Clipper
    - 6 slide-on attachment guides (3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 25 mm)
    - Charging stand with cable storage
    - Light weight transformer
    - Cleaning brush
    - Oil
    - Instructions
  • How To Use
  • See package directions.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Lithium Ion Power
    - 45 minute quick charge
    - 75 minute use
    - Low power discharge when not in use, with no memory effect
    - Lithium is more durable and longer lasting than standard NiMH battery chemistry
    - Contains specialty cells providing higher current, for more power and torque
    - Increased Constant Speed
    - Cord/cordless operation
    - Durable 2.4V DC motor
    - Chip controlled motor for constant power regardless of battery charge level or hair type
    - Low noise
    - LED Indicator - Multi-level battery capacity display
    - Quick Release & Removable blade for easy cleaning

    Magic Blade II
    - High quality stainless steel blade with precision grinding technology
    - Adjustable 5 position blade for cutting lengths from 0.7mm & 3mm (#9, 10, 15, 30 & 40)
  • Ingredients
  • With significantly improved life cycle/expectancy of the Lithium battery


"These clippers fit your hand so perfectly and are very quiet and light weight. They slice through the hair like a warm knife to butter!!! My clients love them as well. Once you use these clippers you will never go back!!! Battery life is amazing!!!"
- Anonymous, Apr 26, 2013
Too good to be true.
"I loved, LOVED these clippers when I got them. ALL THREE PAIRS. Yes, I had to exchange them that many times because they had issues that were different every time. The most interesting was the third pair. The actual hand-held device and the charger/stand put on the most adorable flashing light show after they would not turn on for me one day. Random. So since that happened I have bought a different Wahl style entirely. Which is a shame because they really worked well and were sleek and lightweight, but first and foremost they must work properly. Also, the directions say to oil the blades BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER each haircut. I work in a college town and we don''t have that kind of time. What kind of low rate blades are they using that you have to oil them thrice every fifteen minutes?? I wish they worked well because they were wonderful while they lasted. That whole three months."
- Anonymous, Mar 22, 2014
wont last long for the price
"Barely held a charge after a year! Waste of money! Ended up buying a back up pair...those are way better. The only good thing is it did work well while it lasted"
- scat, Dec 8, 2018
Pretty but Terrible
"I went through 2 of these in less than a year. They cut great at first, they easy blade adjustment switch made blending smooth and easy, they look beautiful and professional. I just wish they were worth 200. Every time you remove the blade to brush out the hairs, it slowly breaks the plastic shell of the entire clipper. Then eventually you see a huge crack developing and the clippers start sounding like a tractor. So the 2nd pair, I thought I would try just not popping off the blade to clean it and spraying it out really good instead. Well then the hair starts to clog up the motor So I started brushing it out and cleaning it the normal way and hoping for the best. Nope, it starting cracking the same as the first The plastic shell of the clipper is just cheap material. And if you drop it just one time it would probably be done for. Not to mention the lithium battery starts to slowly give out and not hold a charge just like a lithium cell phone battery would. NOT WORTH 200 Dont waste your money."
- Mary, Jun 24, 2019
Not strong at all
"I had to return this. Could not cut through thick hair. Useless clipper and expensive ."
- Anh, Aug 6, 2019
Can not cut through asianthick hair
"Bought this after i returned the rose gold clippers from babyliss, thinking that this would be a lot better. But it does not cut through thick asian hair, which is my main based clients. Such a waste of 200. I would rather go with the classic wahls with chords."
- PB, Sep 28, 2019