Quick Tan Medium/Dark Instant Spray-Body Drench


Quick Tan Medium/Dark Instant Spray
Quick Tan Medium/Dark Instant Spray


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Size: 6 fl. oz.

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  • Product Details
  • This fast-drying, non-greasy spray provides even coverage and will not fade, streak, smear or give you an orange appearance. Formulated with Aloe Extract (rich in vitamins and amino acids), Black Walnut Extract (rich in Tannin) and Chamomile Extract (to condition skin), Quick Tan will give you a long-lasting bronze tan for up to five days. Perfect for men and women, Quick Tan can be used on both the face and body for a natural-looking healthy glow.
  • How To Use
  • For best results, use on clean, exfoliated skin. Shake well before use. Spray evenly over body holding 10"" away. Wash hands after application. Let skin dry before putting on clothes. For a deeper tan, use once a day until desired look is achieved. To maintain tan, apply 1-2 times weekly.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Ideal for year-round use by all skin types
    - 360 degree spray nozzle that works at any angle for an all-over flawless tan
    - A fast-drying formula that gives the most natural-looking tan instantly while hydrating the skin
    - Sweetly scented with a light coco fragrance.
  • Ingredients
  • Aloe extract (rich in vitamins and amino acids)
    Black walnut extract (rich in tannin)
    Chamomile extract (to condition skin)


"This product gives amazing color with out the look of a fake tan. It goes on even and lasts a long time. You may need a little help applying it to your back, but it can be done. One thing I LOVE is if you have runs or get it splotchy, once it dries you can take lotion and smooth it out and it looks great. This also works on problem areas like your feet, knees, toes, and ankles. Once they dry just apply a little lotion and smooth them out to make them look natural!"
- Anonymous, Feb 27, 2014
The best one out there
"Instant and even tan. The color is perfect, unlike others that make you look fake! LOVE IT!"
- Anonymous, Jul 23, 2014
Buy Now!!
"Literally the very best tanning product out there! I have been using this product for so many years and cannot get enough of it! I use it every day on my face. it does not get orange, unless you use too much of it. I would not recommend using it over and over again, because then the color gets weird. But if you use it lightly you will get AMAZING results with NO STREAKS AT ALL!! Seriously, I love this spray and use it daily. My legs and arms get a nice glow and don't look pasty. Even though the package says Medium/Dark it works on all skin tones. I have a client who is 87 and uses this product! It is the best!!"
- Gabriella, Jan 22, 2018
Makeup Artist's Secret Weapon
"This spray tan is great for tanning. It works with all tones of skin. But did you know that we makeup artists use it to "set" makeup as well as even out skin-tones? I suggest you apply your makeup. Then step into the shower and close the curtain. Then close your eyes and mist over your face. The mission is not to tan your face but to set your makeup as well as even skin tones, and the product is moisture: so it will be a great HD makeup enhancer for pics AND give you some bronzer effect. WHEW! That's a great product! Great tip from Jon-David "Mafia Hairdresser"."
- Jon-David, Jan 22, 2018
Easy to use spray!!
"Apply to fresh clean skin, lotion then spray!!"
- Sheila, Jan 22, 2018