Color Renew Sachet - 5 Pack-Wella


Color Renew Sachet - 5 Pack
Color Renew Sachet - 5 Pack
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  • Product Details
  • A Zero Damage Color reducer to adjust, change and correct undesired permanent hair color results. Its a gentle alternative to persulfate products to reduce undesired oxidative colour while respecting the natural hair melanin without lightening the natural hair colour.
  • How To Use
  • Mixing Recommendations:
    Use Color Renew Crystal Powder in combination with Color Renew Activator Liquid for optimal results.
    1:10 - one 9g sachet of Color Renew Crystal Powder with 90 ml of Activator Liquid or water in a bowl/applicator bottle.

    Apply from roots to mid-lengths and ends (colour build-up). Start with the darker areas first.
    Develop from 5- 45 mins depending on the desired colour reduction service.
    When re-coloring the hair rinse with water only. Dry thoroughly prior to colour application.
    Only when a mild cleansing of blondes/highlights/colour is required without re-toning or re-colouring. Rinse, shampoo and condition as normal.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Reduces undesired colour results.
    - Gently cleanses excessive oxidative colour in depth and tone.
    - Respects the natural hair structure.
    - Does not lighten the natural colour.
    - Optimises and prepares the hair for new colour.
    - Easy and reliable application.
    - Peroxide free, Persulfate free, Parfum free.


Love this color remover
"I started with a level 6 permanent burgundy red color on my hair. I did 2 color remover applications in one day and was surprised that my hair still felt great and didnt feel damaged in any way. Now, this color remover did not completely remove the red out of my hair, but I didnt expect it to. I had several months of layered permanent red hair color on my head so I knew there wouldnt be an instant result. What I did like was that it brought my hair up from a medium dark red to a light orange color. That will make bleaching the rest of the color out a lot easier and less stressful on my hair. I think this color remover would be absolutely perfect for someone that wants to transition to a color thats a couple shades lighter than their current one."
- Valerie G, Apr 21, 2020