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SoBlur Mute Down
SoBlur Mute Down
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  • Product Details
  • The first-ever professional multi-tasker for color adjustment. You're a colorist…recognize these challenges? Softening contrast, blending away re-growth, fixing stripy highlightes, softening harse ombre, base adjsuting, express toning, illuminating natural haircolor BLUR IT ALL AWAY with the latest innovation in color adjustment! SOBLUR comes in four tones: Cool, Mute, Brighten, Warm.

    COOL - Lift up to one level with the filter effect of violet tones to soften unwanted yellow and warmth
    MUTE - Ash neutralizes underlying red or orange tones while lifting.
    BRIGHTEN - For natural enhancing, lift without adding tonality, when natural warmth is desired.
    WARM - Enhance gold tones by adding warmth while lifting without adding brassiness.
  • How To Use
  • Mix equal parts of SOBLUR with 10V (3%) or 20V (6%) MATRIX Cream Developer depending on texture and desired result. It is recommended to use a bottle for fast application purposes; a bowl and brush can also be used. Depending on your service, apply product first to the area of imperfection or demarcation. When applying an all-over enhancement, work through mid-lengths and ends, then apply more product to the scalp area. Use a wide-tooth comb to work the product evenly through the hair
    • Use on damp or dry hair
    • Apply with a bottle or bowl and brush
    • Work swiftly, using a spreading motion with your thumb
    • Ensure the product is spread evenly
    • Process at room temperature until the desired result is reached
  • Features and Benefits
  • SOBLUR can fix hair imperfections such as stripy highlights and unwanted re- growth, while also able to soften demarcation lines and instantly illuminate and brighten hair. SOBLUR is ammonia-free and a quick and simple one step process that takes only 5-15 minutes. It is available in 4 intermixable color filters; COOL, MUTE, BRIGHTEN and WARM.


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