Let's Go Glue Dry Spray-Isabel Cristina


Let's Go Glue Dry Spray
Let's Go Glue Dry Spray
Isabel Cristina


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Size: 8 fl. oz.

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  • Product Details
  • Create beautiful nails with Let’s Go® quick drying accelerator. Put an end to pitting, bubbling and heavy filing. With Let’s Go you just spray and buff for beautiful nails and better profits. Works with all types of nail glues, resins, silks, linens, fiberglass wraps, tips, gels and glazes.
  • How To Use
  • Clean the nail thoroughly with pure Acetone, not polish remover.Apply your favorite glue - as thinly and smoothly as possible. We recommend using a slow setting glue. Hold 3-5 inches away from the nail area, and spray it lightly over the glue. Only a small amount is needed - glue will bond instantly, creating a smooth, slick-as-ice surface. No heavy filling is necessary. If a second application of glue is desired, buff lightly before applying the second coat. If the second coat of glue is applied without buffing, a slight heating sensation may occur - Spray the finger with Isopropyl alcohol until the heating sensation subsides. Dry fingernail and cuticle area thoroughly before reapplying glue.
  • Features and Benefits
    • Dries Nail Glue Instantly !!
    • No Bubbles and No Pitting of Glues 
    • No Heavy Filing Necessary 
    • Just Spray and Buff
    • Works Great with Glazes and Dip Powders 
    • Forms a non-porous surface
    • Low Odor


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Lets Go
"Lets go is the best glue drying spray Ive ever used. Now my store doesnt carry it anymore, and on line it says i cant order it online, please someone tell me where or hoetoget it."
- Gina, Jan 18, 2020