StarPro Gel Curing UV Lamp - 36 Watt-Cuccio Cina Pro Star Pro


StarPro Gel Curing UV Lamp - 36 Watt
StarPro Gel Curing UV Lamp - 36 Watt
Cuccio Cina Pro Star Pro


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  • Product Details
  • Star Nail 36-Watt UV Lamp cures gel quickly, efficiently and thoroughly to a durable picture perfect finish. It includes four 9 watt bulbs. The lamp features an advanced reflector system and a built-in timer. A bottom tray slides out for easy placement over feet.
  • How To Use
  • Use UV Lamp for curing gel, quickly, efficiently and thoroughly.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Cures Traditional Gels
    - Includes four 9-Watt bulbs
    - Built-in timer
    - Bottom tray slides out to place over feet


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Love It!
"Just purchased this yesterday to replace my IBD lamp that died on me. I like this one so much better! More room for the hand, more bulbs, and the built in timer make it so simple & easy to use! You can''t go wrong with this uv lamp."
- Anonymous, Jan 15, 2013
StarPro 36-Watt UV Lamp NEW!
"Does this work with CND Shellac nail polish? I bought a LED Lamp from Sally Beauty Supply and it totally did NOT work."
- holagrrl, Jul 15, 2014
Doesn’t Work.
"This gel light is terrible it didn’t fully cure the gel even on the highest setting. I use a lot of Cuccio implements and they are always great quality so I had figured their gel light would be great too but it is awful and I will be returning it as soon as I can. If you are looking for a good curing light I suggest another brand."
- Anonymous, Sep 13, 2018
Not compatible with CND Shellac
"I bought this on a whim, so I was not able to read the reviews. I tried it right away when I bought it and it did not work with CND Shellac gel."
- JC, Apr 25, 2019
"Love this lamp. Works great with my CND Shellac."
- amg3115, May 19, 2019
"Wanted one for home that wasnt too expensive. Did my own gel nails. Worked great. I purchased prior to this 2 cheap ones, one from Amazon and one from Sallys. Neither one worked. Happy with this one."
- SK, May 31, 2019
Gel uv lamp...
"Im in the market to buy a new one because my granddaughter brokemine... This is a great lamp it does not cure LED its UV I have no trouble curing shellac under it and many other gel products. You just need to cure a little longer"
- Alo, Jul 10, 2019