Ultra Form Nail Tips-Cuccio Cina Pro Star Pro


Ultra Form Nail Tips
Ultra Form Nail Tips
Cuccio Cina Pro Star Pro


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Size: 100 Count

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  • Product Details
  • The Star Nail Ultra Form Nail Tips have an elongated arch and a built-in c-curve. These Ultra Form Nail Tips fit to any nail bed. ABS professional quality tips provide an air tight bond and are easy to apply. No polish is needed for these non-yellowing tips with reinforced side walls. Available in 100-Count package of assorted sizes.
  • How To Use
  • Nail Tip Application:
    - Select a Star Nail tip style and size that best matches the shape of the natural nail. A properly sized tip should cover no more than 1/3 of the nail bed and extend across the width of the nail from nail groove to nail groove without contacting the skin. Prepare tip as required to ensure a secure fit.
    - To adhere tip, apply a small amount of Star Nail glue to the tip & well area. Holding prepared tip at a 45 degree angle, press tip & well section to the nail free edge. While applying pressure, rock the tip onto the natural nail to push out excess glue and air. Blend the tip to the natural nail and remove tip shine. Use Star Nail Tip Clipper to cut nail tips to length.

    FINISHING - Using a 100 grit file, shape the left and right sides of the nail groove and the free edge of each nail. A 180 grit Zebra file is used to shape and contour the surface of the acrylic and bevel the free edge. File the acrylic to produce the illusion of a smooth, gradual transition from the cuticle area to the stress area.
    - Liberally apply Star Cuticle Oil to nails and cuticle. Buff with Speckled Block to remove scratches and create a soft gloss. For a high gloss shine buff with Star's 3-way Shiner Block.
    - Have client wash hands to remove filing dust. If applying polish, always use a base coat or ridge filler. Apply two coats of color and a top coat. Customer may also wish to wear nails delightfully natural.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Elongated arch
    - Built-in c-curve
    - Fit any nail bed
    - Provides an air tight bond
    - Easy to apply
    - No polish needed
    - Non-yellowing tips
    - Reinforced walls
    - 100-Count package
  • Ingredients
  • With an elongated arch and a built-in c-curve


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