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Affirm Creme Relaxer-Control
Affirm Creme Relaxer-Control


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  • Product Details
  • Affirm Creme Relaxer-Control formula is for stylists who prefer a slower application time. Features
    Protecto (STEP 2) that conditions the hair before, during and after chemical processing as part of an innovative four-step relaxer system. 
  • How To Use
  • Read Professional instruction sheet completely prior to application. Note all warning and directions carefully. 

    Warning: this product contains 1.85% -2 % sodium hydroxide. Follow directions to avoid skin, scalp, and eye injury or hair loss. Always wear protective gloves. Do not shampoo hair for at least 48 hours before application of this product. Do not use if scalp is irritated, abraded or injured. Do not use on hair that is breaking, splitting or other wise damage. Do not use on hair that has been treated with ammonium thioglycolate. Do not use on bleached or frosted hair. Use mild strength only on hair that is color-treated. And only when color treated hair is in good condition. Apply relaxer only to new growth when retouching. If relaxer causes scalp irritation, rinse all relaxer out immediately and shampoo with affirm normalizing shampoo. If irritation continues consult a physician. If accidentally swallowed call a physician immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If relaxer gets into eyes. Flush thoroughly with water and call a physician. Always keep hair away from sparks and open flames. Keep out of reach of children. Always conducts a strand test.

    - Before relaxing: check the condition of hair and scalp.
    - Select the correct strength.
    Do not shampoo hair before relaxing.
    - Avoid vigorous combing and brushing.
    - Conduct a strand test according to steps 1 through 4 detailed on professional instructions sheet.
    - Proceed only if test is favorable. 


  • Apply protecto
  • Apply ample amount of relaxer to thinly-parted section, using back of rattail comb. Work from nape area up toward forehead. Apply to hair line last.
  • Smooth with the back of rattail comb, working again from nape to forehead, after time limit ahs expired and desired straightening is achieved. Rise crème relaxer thoroughly from hair with harm water. For retouches, confine relaxer application and smoothing new growth only. Do not exceed these time limits to complete both application and smoothing. 
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Leaves hair silky-straight and well-conditioned for free flowing, soft silky hairstyles with body
    - Hair has a healthy-looking appearance.
    - Hair is easy to comb and prepared for any type of styling.
    - Hair looks radiant with lots of shine or sheen.
    - Control formula is for stylists who prefer a slower application time.
  • Ingredients
  • Control in mild, normal and resistant strengths have Time Release Sodium Hydroxide.


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