CHI Ionic Creme Color Salon Intro-Farouk


CHI Ionic Creme Color Salon Intro
CHI Ionic Creme Color Salon Intro


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Size: 1 MSU

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  • Also Includes
  • 1-1N Black
    1-2N Natural Black
    1-3N Darkest Brown
    1-4N Dark Brown
    1-5N Medium Brown
    1-6N Light Brown
    1-7N Dark Blonde
    1-8N Medium Blonde
    1-9N Light Blonde
    1-10N Extra Light Blonde
    1-11N Extra Light Blonde Plus
    1-4A Dark Ash Brown
    1-5A Medium Ash Brown
    1-6A Light Ash Brown
    1-7A Dark Ash Blonde
    1-8A Medium Ash Blonde
    1-9A Light Ash Blonde
    1-11A Extra Light Ash Blonde Plus
    1-5AA Medium Ash Ash Brown
    1-6AA Light Ash Ash Brown
    1-7AA Dark Ash Ash Blonde
    1-8AA Medium Ash Ash Blonde
    1-7I Dark Iridescent Blonde
    1-9I Light Iridescent Blonde
    1-11I Extra Light Iridescent Blonde Plus
    1-6B Light Beige Brown
    1-8B Medium Beige Blonde
    1-10B Extra Light Beige Blonde
    1-5W Medium Warm Brown
    1-6W Light Warm Brown
    1-7W Dark Warm Blonde
    1-8W Medium Warm Blonde
    1-11W Extra Light Warm Blonde Plus
    1-5G Medium Gold Brown
    1-6G Light Gold Brown
    1-7G Dark Gold Blonde
    1-8G Medium Gold Blonde
    1-9G Light Gold Blonde
    1-10G Extra Light Gold Blonde
    1-4RB Dark Red Brown
    1-6RB Light Red Brown
    1-7RB Dark Red Blonde
    1-8RB Medium Red Blonde
    1-5CG Medium Copper Gold Brown
    1-7CG Dark Copper Gold Blonde
    1-8CG Medium Copper Gold Blonde
    1-9CG Light Copper Gold Blonde
    1-4C Dark Copper Brown
    1-5C Medium Copper Brown
    1-6C Light Copper Brown
    1-7C Dark Copper Blonde
    1-8C Medium Copper Blonde
    1-4RR Red Plum 1-5RR Red Wine
    1-6RR Red Crimson
    1-7RR Red Red
    1-8RR Red Copper
    1-4RV Dark Red Violet
    1-5RV Medium Red Violet
    1-6RV Light Red Violet 1-7RV Extra Light Red Violet
    1-8RV Extra Light Red Violet Plus
    1-50-4N Dark Natural Brown
    1-50-5N Medium Natural Brown
    1-50-6N Light Natural Brown
    1-50-7N Dark Natural Blonde
    1-50-8N Medium Natural Blonde
    1-50-9N Light Natural Blonde
    1-50-10N Extra Light Natural Blonde
    1-50-4W Dark Natural Warm Brown
    1-50-6W Light Natural Warm Brown
    1-50-8W Medium Natural Warm Blonde
    1-50-3R Darkest Natural Red Brown
    1-50-5R Medium Natural Red Brown
    1-50-7R Dark Natural Red Blonde
    1-50-9R Light Natural Red Blonde
    1-UL-12N UL Natural Blonde
    1-UL-12A UL Ash Blonde
    1-UL-12I UL Iridescent Blonde
    1-ULP-13A UL Pale Ash Blonde
    1-ULP-13N UL Pale Natural Blonde
    1-ULP-13B UL Pale Beige Blonde
    1-Blue Additive
    1-Violet Additive
    1-Ash Additive
    1-Double Ash Additive
    1-Beige Additive
    1-Red Additive
    1-Orange Additive
    1-Gold Additive
    1-4CM Dark Chocolate Mocha Brown
    1-5CM Medium Chocolate Mocha Brown
    1-6CM Light Chocolate Mocha Brown
    1-7CM Dark Chocolate Mocha Blonde
    1-8CM Medium Chocolate Mocha Blonde
    1-HL Golden Blonde
    1-HL Beige Blonde
    1-HL Cool Blonde
    1-Blondest Blonde Powder Lightener 16 oz.
    1-10 Volume Color Generator 30 oz.
    1-20 Volume Color Generator 30 oz.
    1-30 Volume Color Generator 30 oz.
    1-40 Volume Color Generator 30 oz.
    1-Infra Shampoo 32 oz.
    1-Infra Treatment 32 oz.
    1-Silk Infusion 12 oz.
    1-Swatch Book
    1-Color manual
    2-Tint Bowls Single Compartment
    2-Large Tint Brushes
    1-Infra Swatch Ring
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  • CHI Ionic Creme Color Salon Intro - 2 boxes


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