5 Mega Firm Exothermal Perm-Piidea


5 Mega Firm Exothermal Perm
5 Mega Firm Exothermal Perm


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  • Product Details
  • Quantum 5 Mega Firm Exothermic Perm is a patent-pending formula that delivers unsurpassed results on 5 key benefits: Enhanced curl definition, More shine, Incredible conditioning, Improved color retention, and New Aroma-Fresh odor block. Quantum 5 Mega Firm Exothermicl eaves hair with a fresh, clean scent both during and after processing. No test curl. No dryer heat required. Ideal for normal to resistant gray and tinted hair.
  • How To Use
  • Shampoo: Gently shampoo hair with a clarifying or chelating shampoo and towel dry.

    Wrap: Choose wrapping technique: water wrap for a softer look, lotion wrap for firm texture, and combination wrap for varying curl patterns and special effects. Block damp hair into sections. Wrap smoothly with minimal tension. a. Water Wrap – If hair dries, lightly mist with water. Lotion Wrap – Apply Waving Lotion to one section at a time. If hair becomes dry while wrapping, lightly moisten with Waving Lotion. Combination Wrap – Section off are to be lotion wrapped and secure. Step 1: wrap complete water wrap section, following directions above. Step 2: wrap complete lotion wrap section, following directions above.

    Apply Waving Lotion: Place cotton around hairline and towel at the nape of neck. Puncture tip of Waving Lotion with T-pin. Apply lotion, saturating each rod thoroughly and evenly. Place plastic cap over all rods and secure. Process at room temperature. Do not process under dryer or heat source.

    Usage Tip specific to the leave-in treatment:
    - Apply interim treatment to each rod and cover thoroughly and completely.
    - Process for 5 minutes at room temperature (without cap) and blot dry.
    - Do not rinse
    - Follow with the neutralizer step as outlined in the directions.
    - Style hair with a diffuser to achieve maximum results.

  • Features and Benefits
  • - Ideal for normal to resistant gray and tinted hair
    - Delivers enhanced curl definition
    - Improved color retention
    - Incredible conditioning
    - More shine
    - Blocks perm odors
    - No test curl
    - No dryer heat required
    - Quantum represents the very best in perming, straightening and haircare technology.


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