TT Perm Blue Ring-Piidea


TT Perm Blue Ring
TT Perm Blue Ring


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  • Product Details
  • Quantum TT Blue Ring is an acid perm that provides firm, springy, resilient, long-lasting curls with extra volume and support. Ideal for single process color treated hair.
  • How To Use
  • 1. SHAMPOO: Gently shampoo hair with a clarifying or chelating shampoo and towel dry.
    2. WRAP : Block damp hair into sections and wrap. Do not wrap with wave lotion. If hair dries, lightly mist with water. Wrap smoothly with minimal tension.
    3. APPLY WAVING LOTION: Place cotton around hairline and towel at the nape of neck. Shake Activator. Pour Activator into Waving lotion and shake gently. Puncture tip of waving lotion with T-pin. Apply lotion, saturating each rod thoroughly and evenly. Remove cotton. Place plastic cap over all rods and secure.
    4.RINSE : Rinse hair thoroughly for at least 5 minutes with warm water. Towel blot each rod thoroughly. Finish off by using a paper towel to blot entire head.
    5. NEUTRALIZE : Shake neutralizer. Puncture tip with T-pin. Thoroughly saturate each rod. Save 1/2 oz. (15ml) for later use. Wait 5 minutes. Gently remove rods. Work remaining neutralizer through hair for 1 minute.
    6. RINSE: Rinse hair thoroughly for 3-5 minutes with cool water. Towel blot. Wait 48 hours before shampooing or conditioning.
  • Features and Benefits
  • The distinctive blue ring in the waving lotion contains a unique blend of vitamins, moisturizers and protein. This fortifying complex provides superior conditioning and allows for more effective and efficient penetration of the hair cortex while preventing cuticle damage. Quantum TT Blue Ring locks in curl, producing healthier color-treated hair with excellent shine and manageability.


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