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Tousled Texture
Tousled Texture
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Size: 1.5 fl. oz.

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  • Product Details
  • TOUSLED TEXTURE - Body & Shine Finishing Spray
    Reach your celebrity hair goals with Tousled Texture. This lightweight yet powerful finishing spray swiftly musses up hair while adding instant body and shine. Enhanced with AG’s Sea Complex, an infusion of three naturally texturizing seaweed extracts plus anti-aging seaberry oil, Tousled Texture creates a moveable, piecey look while controlling frizz and flyaways.
  • How To Use
  • - Spray onto dry hair, coaxing, lifting and scrunching until you’ve created your ideal texture.
    - For additional hold, spray over finished style.
    - Reapply throughout the day as required.
    - Guaranteed not to build up or weigh down the hair.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - lightweight volume, polished shine and touchable texture
    - powerful spray swiftly styles hair and adds instant body and shine
    - creates a moveable, piece look while controlling frizz and flyaway
  • Ingredients
    Giant sea kelp – high in protein, iodine and calcium, which strengthens hair.
    Bladderwrack seaweed – rich in nutrients and essential amino acids for healthy hair, bladderwack is a natural polymer with a high percentage of sodium alginate to create texture.
    Irish moss – contains vitamin A and C which naturally condition hair.
    Dulse seaweed – rich in protein, potassium, iron, Vitamin K and iodine which protects hair from damage.
    Seaberry oil (sea buckthorn oil) – rich in Vitamin A & E that help fight aging in hair and combat dryness, brittleness, thinning and breakage.


Great for All Textures!
"I could rant and rave about the AG Tousled Texture spray for ages! I have tried many different texture sprays, but I always come back to this particular one. I have a finer texture, medium density, and my hair falls flat all the time. I love to spray this one into my hair because its a texture spray that allows you to “re-fluff” throughout the day! It’s not like most texture sprays that once you spray them in, they disintegrate... ABSOLUTELY NOT! It lasts all day and as a plus it doesn’t dry our hair out at all. This is one that all my beach clients must go home with! Also great if you like your hair straight but prefer an edgy feel."
- Shelby, Dec 27, 2017
"Instantly adds definition and a lot of body to any finished hair style. It is especially great on curled or wavy hair. Lift and spray into dry hair throughout the whole head to break up curls/waves and add volume. Spray is ideal for adding shine and controlling fly away on up-dos too! It also does not have a greasy feel."
- Ann, Dec 27, 2017