DeColor Cream-Tocco Magico


DeColor Cream
DeColor Cream
Tocco Magico


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  • Product Details
  • DeColor Cream Lightening Cream-Light-for a light lift
    NO AMMONIA formula, rich in wheat proteins and part of the silicon groups that form a protective film along the hair fibre, protecting it during the service. It is a light lightening cream that allows you to achieve very delicate lightening effects and color contrasts. DeColor cream can also be used to remove artificial pigments on the hair gently and safely.
  • How To Use
  • - Mix DeLight Lightening Cream with the DeLight Oxi: 10-20-30 Volume and 40 Volume off the scalp
    - Mixing Ratio is 1part DeColor Cream to 1.5 parts chosen developer
    - Apply the product on the hair hair fiber. Leave on for approx. 30 minutes or more, checking the lightening evolution during process time.
    - After processsing time is complete, rinse out with luke warm water and apply the DeLight System After Treatment cream , which acts as a shampoo, closes the cuticle and eliminates all chemical residues, rinse again with cool water.

    Mixing ratio: 1 + 1,5 - with De-Light Oxy 10-20-30 Developers Volumes on the scalp and 40 volume off of the scalp.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - The contained proteins give shine and silkiness, they hydrate hair strengtening it without weighing it down
    - Lightening power: 2-3 tones. Always used with the DeLight Oxi Developers
    - Ideal for light contrasts - suitable for clients who want to lighen hair without extreme lift
    - Can be used for a full head lift or color separations, like foiling or balyage techniques
  • Ingredients
  • Rich in wheat proteins and part of the silicon groups


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