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Color Intensity Eraser
Color Intensity Eraser


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Size: 6 oz.

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  • Product Details
  • Erase with Ease. Pastels or brights? Unicorn or Pinwheel Techniques? Which hot new hair coloring trend will your clients jump on next? Thanks to Joico's Color Intensity Eraser color-obsessed clients can now change their custom color quickly and easily while leaving locks gleaming in healthy condition! In 30 minutes or less, our brilliant K-PAK® Keratin-enriched formula lifts direct dyes, leaving hair ready for it's next color transformation.
  • How To Use
  • 1. Mix with 20 Volume (6%) Veroxide or LumiShine Developer
    2. Using a non-metallic bowl, mix one full Color Intensity Eraser packet with 3oz of 20 Volume Veroxide or LumiShine Developer
    3. Using a color brush, apply ONLY to hair that has been pre-lightened and treated with direct dyes or semi-permanent hair color
    4. Process for up to 30 minutes at room temperature, checking every 5 minutes until desired results is achieved
    5. Rinse Color Intensity Eraser from the hair with Color Safe Shampoo, then follow with Color Safe Conditioner.

    Answers to FAQS:
    • Recommended to completely remove Color Intensity shades from pre-lightened hair. When removing red color, it may not erase all residual color but will remove enough red so that a new shade may be applied.
    • Is highly effective for the removal of direct dyes in semi-permanent hair colors for another brands.
    • Not recommended for the removal of demi-permanent or permanent hair color
    • Can be used in isolated areas: apply it in a foil or freehand to remove direct dyes in a specific area
    • To erase vibrant shades from pre-lightened hair; use 20 Volume Developer
    • To erase pastel or highly faded Intensity shades, use 10 Volume Developer or warm water
    • The lower volume of developer that is used, the more gentle the direct dye removal.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Easy one-step direct dye removal in 30 minutes or less
    - Drip-free formula, easy to apply
    - Contains proteins that help condition and protect hair during lifting
    - Amino acids to help boost lifting power and guard against breakage
    - Hair identical proteins to help protect hair's integrity
    - Removes direct dyes/semi-permanent color in 1 step
    - Creamy, drip-free formula
    - Cuticle-nourishing K-PAK® proteins help condition hair during lifting, for healthier results
    - Endless creative uses


How about a chemical cut!
"After completely following the directions, this product burned my hair off! Awful...awful product don't recommend unless you like a chemical cut! Wish that I could give it no stars!"
- Burhet, Mar 3, 2018
Easy to change hair color with this
"Works quickly. Hair may be dry afterward. Hair will need a deep conditioning."
- Trina, Dec 16, 2018
Works like a dream
"This product really does do a good job at removing direct dye. Was able to remove purple and magenta and this was after the color was still pretty fresh. The only downside is that it leaves the hair feeling very dry so make sure to have a good repairative conditioner and some olaplex on hand for afterwards. I would recommend this product just make sure to follow the directions."
- Lee, Jul 20, 2019
Great Color remover for Intensities
"In my salon we only use Joico Intensities for fantasy shades, every time a client wants to switch their color or completely remove it, this is the only product I can count on to do the job, I use it with 20 vol. but you have to be quick because it work real fast."
- Danita, Aug 18, 2019
"I tried to use Malibu CPR to remove 3 levels it barely lifted this stuff works within MINUTES. I will say it does lift QUICK so the lower the developer the better DoNOT EXCEED 20 V. A little olaplex to help with no breakage its wonderful."
- Williehair, Apr 5, 2020