6N Natural Dark Blonde

Lumishine by Joico
SKU#: USA-350504 UPC#: 74469494748

6N Natural Dark Blonde

Lumishine by Joico
SKU#: USA-350504 UPC#: 74469494748
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4AA Ash Ash Medium Brown USA-015769 74469517898
5AA Ash Light Brown USA-015767 74469517843
6AA Ash Ash Dark Blonde USA-015765 74469517867
7AA Ash Ash Medium Blonde USA-015762 74469517874
5BA Blue Ash Light Brown USA-351017 74469500739
6BA Blue Ash Dark Blonde USA-351018 74469500753
7BA Blue Ash Medium Blonde USA-351019 74469500746
9BA Blue Ash Light Blonde USA-351020 74469500777
10BA Blue Ash Lightest Blonde USA-351021 74469500760
6CC Copper Copper Dark Blonde USA-350539 74469495028
7CC Copper Copper Medium Blonde USA-350538 74469495011
1N Natural Black USA-350508 74469494786
3N Natural Dark Brown USA-350507 74469494779
4N Natural Medium Brown USA-350506 74469494762
5N Natural Light Brown USA-350505 74469494755
6N Natural Dark Blonde USA-350504 74469494748
7N Natural Medium Blonde USA-350503 74469494731
8N Natural Blonde USA-350502 74469494724
9N Natural Light Blonde USA-350501 74469494717
10N Natural Lightest Blonde USA-350500 74469494700
3NA Natural Ash Dark Brown USA-350515 74469494694
4NA Natural Ash Medium Brown USA-350514 74469494687
5NA Natural Ash Light Brown USA-350513 74469494670
6NA Natural Ash ark Blonde USA-350512 74469494663
7NA Natural Ash Medium Blonde USA-350511 74469494656
8NA Natural Ash Blonde USA-350510 74469494649
9NA Natural Ash Light Blonde USA-350509 74469494632
5NC Natural Copper Light Brown USA-350537 74469495004
6NC Natural Copper Dark Blonde USA-350536 74469494991
7NC Natural Copper Medium Blonde USA-350535 74469494984
8NC Natural Copper Blonde USA-350534 74469494977
9NC Natural Copper Light Blonde USA-350533 74469494960
4NG Natural Golden Medium Brown USA-350527 74469494847
6NG Natural Gold Dark Blonde USA-350526 74469494830
7NG Natural Golden Medium Blonde USA-350525 74469494823
8NG Natural Golden Blonde USA-350524 74469494816
9NG Natural Gold Light Blonde USA-350523 74469494809
10NG Natural Gold Lightest Blonde USA-350522 74469494793
5NRG Natural Red Gold USA-352145 74469504966
6NRG Natural Red Gold USA-352144 74469504942
7NRG Natural Red Gold USA-352143 74469504935
8NRG Natural Red Gold USA-352142 74469504959
5NRV Natural Red Violet Light USA-350532 74469494892
6RNV Natural Red Violet Dark Blonde USA-350531 74469494885
4NW Natural Warm Medium Brown USA-352572 74469509565
5NW Natural Warm Light Brown USA-352571 74469509572
6NW Natural Warm Dark Blonde USA-352570 74469509589
7NW Natural Warm Medium Blonde USA-352569 74469509541
5NWB Natural Beige Light Brown USA-350521 74469494953
6NWB Natural Warm Beige Dark Blonde USA-350520 74469494946
7NWB Natural Beige Medium Blonde USA-350519 74469494939
8NWB Natural Warm Beige Blonde USA-350518 74469494922
9NWB Natural Beige Light Blonde USA-350517 74469494915
10NWB Natural Beige Lightest Blonde USA-350516 74469494908
5NV Natural Violet Light Brown USA-350544 74469495073
6NV Natural Violet Dark Blonde USA-350543 74469495066
7NV Natural Violet Medium Blonde USA-350542 74469495059
9NV Natural Violet Light Blonde USA-350541 74469495042
10NV Natural Violet Lightest Blonde USA-350540 74469495035
5RR Red Red Light Brown USA-007785 074469494861
6RR Red Red Dark Blonde USA-007788 074469494854
3RR Red Red Dark Red USA-007782 74469494878
5RRC Red Red Copper Light Brown USA-007720 74469511407
6RRC Red Red Copper Dark Blonde USA-007721 74469511414
4RRV Red Red Violet Medium Brown USA-007717 74469511384
6RRV Red Red Violet Dark Blonde USA-007718 74469511445
8RRV Red Red Violet Blonde USA-007719 74469511421
1VV Violet Violet Black USA-350547 74469495103
3VV Violet Violet Dark Brown USA-350546 74469495097
4VV Violet Violet Medium Brown USA-350545 74469495080
XLN/XL.0 Hi Lift Lightest Natural Beige USA-350549 74469495158
XLA/XL.1 Hi Lift Ash Blonde USA-350548 74469495141
XLB/XL.7 Hi Lift Lightest Beige USA-350550 74469495165
XLAA/XL.11 Hi Lift Lightest Ash USA-350551 74469495172
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  • LumiShine transforms hair from the inside out with breakthrough ArgiPlex Technology, delivering astonishing shine, color longevity, and overall healthier-looking hair—guaranteed! LumiShine offers pros the easiest possible color solution for every salon service and hair type imaginable. Here’s why you’ll love LumiShine…

    • IT’S EASY! Three simple steps to brilliant color—consultation, formulation, and application.
    • ITS PREDICTABLE... RELIABLE... AND UTTERLY STRAIGHTFORWARD! A full spectrum of perfectly balanced, intermixable pre-blended shades allows you to deliver straight-from-the-tube (or bottle) color perfection—every single time.
    • IT SMELLS AMAZING! LumiShine is formulated with Joico’s exclusive Gentle Fresh Fragrance technology, a patented combination of molecules that helps neutralize airborne ammonia and envelopes your color service in fresh, calming notes of bergamot, iris, and sandalwood. Client comfort is off the charts.
    1. Easy 1:1 Mixing Ratio for All Formulas:
      • 10 Volume (3%) + LumiShine Permanent Creme Color - Up to 1 Level
      • 20 Volume (6%) + LumiShine Permanent Creme Color - Up to 2 levels
      • 30 Volume (9%) + LumiShine Permanent Creme Color - Up to 3 levels
      • 40 Volume (12%) + LumiShine Permanent Creme Color - Up to 4 levels
    2. Processing Time: 35 minutes. Do not use heat.
    3. Up to 45 minutes for gray coverage. Do not use heat.
    4. Up to 60 minutes for High Lift “XL” shades. Do not use heat.
    • Delivers up to 2X the shine*
    • Reduced breakage and restrengthened hair**
    • 100% replenished hair***
    • Nourishing protection that seals in moisture and softness for up to 30 shampoos****
    • Delivers color longevity and vibrancy
    • Offers 100% gray coverage
    • Lower-ammonia formula***** delivers healthy-looking results
    • Optimal viscosity for bowl + brush or bottle application
  • See Individual Packaging for Ingredients.