DeColor B Clay Lightener-Framesi


DeColor B Clay Lightener
DeColor B Clay Lightener
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Size: 18 oz.

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  • Product Details
  • Clay Lightener is the brand new product in the Decolor B family. Ammonia and perfume free, this decolorant offers a higher hair texture quality, even when damaged, thanks to a pool of protective substances. And it is perfect for all lightening techniques, in particular free-hand ones.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Lift 9+
    - No ammonia and no perfume
    - Perfect for free-hands techniques


don't buy this
"I have been using Framesi for over 12 years and I love their color line. This clay lightener however is the worst I have tried. It looked smooth in the bowl after mixing, so I was excited to try it out. When applying, it dragged so bad and dried out so fast while I was applying it to the hair. It is just awful. I really wanted to like it, but this is a sub par product."
- rachelsrad, May 18, 2018
Clay Lightener that actually WORKS!
"I love this lightener! I have been using Framesi products for over 6 years and they keep blowing me away with their innovation and great quality! For the longest time, I had been using the Decolor B Diamond lightener for Balayage and Free Hand techniques (which works btw), but now that they have this amazing ammonia and fragrance free clay lightener, I've switched to using this instead! Other Clay lighteners that I've used dry out too quickly and don't lift the way they claim they should. This lightener actually does lift 9+ levels! I've found using a 1:1.5 mixing ratio with the developer works the best. The consistency is creamy and smooth. I've also learned to apply MORE than you think. It stays where you put it and doesn't dry out, but if you're concerned about possibly drying out, then just apply it more heavily and you're good to go! I highly recommend trying this lightener!"
- AmyL, Jul 4, 2018
Love this lightener
"I have been searching for a good lightener that won't dry out with freehand techniques. I love this stuff! It really does lift 9 levels. I just put it on fairly thick and use a 1:1.5 mixing ratio. Highly recommend!"
- Brooke, Mar 25, 2019
Marketing opportunity missed
"Let me start off my saying Ive used every clay lightener out there. After countless hours of searching and classes and certifications my search for the perfect lightener is over. Thats a gasping statement coming from me, a salon owner with a room packed full of lighteners. I specialize in balayage. It does not contain clay, it will not dry like clay. It does not feel like clay it feel like a gel that you have utmost control over. It has collagen and Xanthan gum that creates the perfect thick gel consistency to work with. It doesnt flake and get all over and has very predictable lift depending on your developer choice. You get a lot of fast life with 30 and 40vol. I go for 40vol if Ive already applied a base color and want some bright pops of color. You can used it for everything from in foils to painting which I love so I dont have a tray with several lighteners going. You can still create gradation as you do with a traditional clay lightener but you will not get any spotting Its also super gentle bc of the collagen which is a buzz word now a lot of clients want products with collagen and for good reason. I like the mixing consistency 11.5 plus a splash. It does not expand or get runny as youre working."
- Jlf03, Aug 19, 2019