#Big9 Creme Lightener-#mydentity


#Big9 Creme Lightener
#Big9 Creme Lightener
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Size: 10 oz.

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  • Product Details
  • #mydentity #Big9 Creme Lightener lifts up to 9 levels in a single application.
  • How To Use
  • #mydentity @Guy_Tang #Big9 Crème Lightener for precise and global application techniques. #Big9 -- lifts up to 9 levels.
    Mix well 1:1 1/2 with #mydentity @Guy_Tang Developer for global consistency;
    1:1 for precision foil or retouch application.
    - On-scalp application: Up to 20 Volume;
    - Off-scalp: Up to 40 Volume.
    - Apply to dry hair.
    - Process for 20-45 minutes.
    - Additional heat is not required.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Lifts up to 9 levels in a single application – NO HEAT REQUIRED
    - Versatile formula for precise & global application techniques
    - Delivers superior conditioning during the lifting process
    - Protective crème base soothes the scalp & reduces sensitivity
    - Moisturizing agents for optimal protection during & after the lifting process


Best creme lightener on the market
"The consistency of this lightener is so smooth, not thick (or to thin) but perfect! Easy to work into the hair and has an amazing smell!! (Allot of lighteners are so strong and give me a headache) this is soothing!! And the lift is amazing!! The hair feels amazing after processing!! Lifts super even!"
- Mylavishlooks, Feb 13, 2017
Love it!!!!!
"It's so great to work with., and your hair feels great after lightening ."
- Curly, Feb 28, 2017
Great Lift
"got great lift with hair that had be previously boxed dyed dark brown. consistency of the product is smooth and doesn't puff during a full foil application."
- LJ, Mar 15, 2017
"best lightener ive used. it smells good n lightens quickly. thanks GUY for such an awesome product!"
- mizfabs, Jul 17, 2017