Balayage Clay Lightener-Scruples


Balayage Clay Lightener
Balayage Clay Lightener
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Size: 16 oz.

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  • Product Details
  • Scruples Balayage Clay Lightener for painting on-trend techniques such as Balayage, ombre, sombre, blonde and ecaille.
    POWER BLONDE Balayage Clay Lightener can achieve 1–5 levels of lift and is designed for open air processing techniques, no foils necessary. Fortified with Kaolin and Amazonian White Clay, a blend of naturally occurring mineral clays that work to seamlessly surround and enclose the hair and lightener together, without the worry of product bleeding, swelling, transfer or oversaturation.
  • How To Use
  • 1. Shake POWER BLONDE bottle and pour into a plastic bowl. Referencing chart to the right, add PURE OXI Creme Developer and mix to achieve desired consistency.
    2. Apply POWER BLONDE evenly to dry hair. Reference chart to the right for processing time.
    3. Rinse hair and wash with preferred Scruples shampoo. Spray with NO H2O2 No Peroxide, wait 3 – 5 minutes and rinse. Condition with preferred Scruples conditioner.
    4. Follow with POWER BLONDE Conditioning Gel Toner shade of your choice.
    • Additional developer may be added to the mixture during application to achieve desired consistency.
    • DO NOT exceed 45 minutes processing time.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Achieves 1-5 levels of lift
    - Supports open-air processing, no foils necessary
    - Kaolin and Amazonian White Clays work to seamlessly surround and enclose hair and lightener together, without bleeding or swelling
    - Designed for freehand lightener application and creative color placement
    - Formulated with Keratin Protein and ECOCERT certified/USDA Organic Pataua Oil, which work to help reduce cuticle damage and improve hair's inner strength


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