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Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray
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Maria Nila


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Size: 5.1 fl. oz.

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  • Product Details
  • Maria Nila ocean Spray is a multi-functional product that can be used to create texture and natural beach waves or used as prep spray for long lasting Up-dos. This texturizing spray will give tresses the extra hold it needs for a long-lasting finish and with Sunflower Seed Extracts the hair receives the vitamins and minerals it needs to encourage a healthy growth. Ocean Spray is suitable for both longer and shorter hair and thanks to its high concentrate of natural salt, it gives a stronger hold than the original Salty Mist from Maria Nila. The Ocean Spray has a fruity scent of apple and apricot with a slight citrusy fragrance.
  • How To Use
  • Spritz Ocean Spray onto damp hair before blow drying. If you prefer a more natural finish, leave the hair to dry without using any styling tools.

    A common mistake is to add styling products to wet hair. There is a difference between damp and wet hair, so make sure your hair is towel dried before applying ocean spray to get the best result. The spray is perfect for styling, gives that extra hold with a matte non-sticky finish and helps to boost your volume. Since the spray is a matte product, it can also be used to dull shinier products. Simply apply Ocean Spray before or after using hairspray or wax for a matte result. This is the perfect product to use as a substitute to hairspray: easy to work with, non-sticky feeling while working and a matte result! Apply in damp or dry hair and let your hair absorb it!
  • Features and Benefits
  • SUNFLOWER SEED EXTRACT - The sunflower plant follows the sun’s movement during the day and therefore exposes itself to extraordinary radiation. It is said that the leaves and seeds have developed an effective protection system against solar radiation. The sunflower extract has repairing qualities, protects the hair from color loss and damage caused by UV radiation and hot styling tools. It also offers strong protection against free radicals that accelerate decolorization.
    STYLING POLYMERS - Polymers help control the hair style in windy conditions and minimize frizz. This specific polymer gives a gentle hold and highlights the beach look.
    PROTECTING ANTIOXIDANT - Protects the hair against damage and preserves hair colour longer. The antioxidant absorbs UV radiation and thus protects the bindings from weakening and the hair from damage caused by sunlight.


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