Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo, Bodifying Foam, Crystal Mask-Wella


Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo, Bodifying Foam, Crystal Mask
Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo, Bodifying Foam, Crystal Mask

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INVIGO Volume Boost Bodifying Foam
SKU# 820372
UPC: 3614227271913
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    5.07 fl. oz. 
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    Achieve luscious locks with Wella Professionals INVIGO Volume Boost Bodifying Foam; a lightweight formula that adds texture and definition to limp, lifeless hair. Fortified with Spring Force Polymers and Volume Boost-Blend™, the body-enhancing foam delivers weightless volume and height to hair. A dose of Cotton Extract leaves hair soft and manageable with enviable shine from root to tip. Experience easier styling and minimised static.
    INVIGO Volume Boost Bodifying Shampoo
    SKU# 820349
    UPC: 3614227331686


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      10.1 fl oz
    Qty:  1
    Bodifying Shampoo with Cotton Extract - Shampoo that gives lightweight body and removes residues from hair. With Spring Force Blend.
    INVIGO Volume Boost Crystal Mask
    SKU# 820360
    UPC: 3614227273405


    • Size: 

      5.07 fl oz
    Qty:  1
    Volume Boost Crystal Mask with Cotton Extract.
    Instant lightweight care. For visibly uplifted volume* and hair manageability.
    Our first translucent rinse-out treatment with Spring Force Blend: bodyfying polymers and lightweight conditioning ingredients to provide fullness, leaving the hair soft to the touch without weighing it down.

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