TrueLight Freestyle Blonder, 5 Volume Activator-TIGI


TrueLight Freestyle Blonder, 5 Volume Activator
TrueLight Freestyle Blonder, 5 Volume Activator

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Activator 5 Volume / 1.5 %
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    33.8 oz. 
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    TIGI copyright©olour rich creme activator is designed to work with all products within the TIGI copyright©olour range. Activators deliver controlled processing time based on the volume or % strength. Smooth and creamy stabilised activators create accurate level, tone, and consistency. Created for colour, for ease of mixability, consistent viscosity, ease of application,and optimum lift and coverage. Available in 5 strengths:
    True Light Freestyle Blonder
    SKU# 008134
    UPC: 615908430998
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    15 oz. 
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    TIGI Copyright Colour introduces its new innovative clay lightener True Light Freestyle Blonder, specifically designed by hairdressers for freehand techniques such as balayage, micro and baby lights.
    Formulated with clay and mineral oil, it provides a perfectly controlled application and achieves up to 7 levels of lift in only 40 minutes for quicker freehand painting services and healthy conditioned blondes.
    Its, TIGI exclusive, Anti-Breakage Arginine Complex helps to maintain hair integrity during the lightening process for beautiful and healthy-looking hair. Achieving healthier, lighter blondes has never been so easy.

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