Dreamy Color Creations To Do Now!

Prefer Royal Blue

Color Wash Effect

Going Green

Midnight Moonchild

posted February 13, 2019

The Ultimate Goal!

Creating the Best Hair Color Every Time

Luminous Satin Blonde

Blocked Dimension Inspo

Gloss & Shine Tips

Sunshine Yellow

posted February 6, 2019

Plush Shades of Purple and More!

Smoky Lavender

Rainbow Wonder

Purple Is Royal


posted January 30, 2018

Get the Formulas!

Secrets to Hair Color Perfection

Violet Melt x 2

Vintage Wood

Double Color Process?

Mystic Metallic

posted January 23, 2018

Create On-Trend Hair Color That Demands Attention

The Best Brunette

Highlights That POP!

Striking Tiger Eye

Platinum Pearl Blonde

posted January 16, 2018