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Joshua Ladner |Dayton, OH | @itsmrjladner

"Being Licensed to Create™ is an honor. To stylists, we have to change YOUR world, before YOU can change THE world."

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Honor the Journey – Salon J Ladner

Picture walking into an environment where everyone knows your name – a modern and spacious floor booming with the sound of high-energy music and where your stylist knows exactly what you want. Then imagine walking into a relaxed post-service retreat equipped with a starry sky, subdued lighting and calming sounds where your arms and hands are treated to a lavish hot-towel massage.

Does such a place truly exist? It does in Dayton, Ohio – home of Salon J Ladner, our featured Savvy Salon.

Salon J Ladner is an outstanding full-service salon that has defined what it is to give clients the royal treatment. Owner Joshua Ladner – originally from Tampa, Fla. – relocated to Dayton in search of a dream. He knew that only by opening his own salon could he stay true to his passion. And what is Ladner’s passion? It’s to give his clients the best experience possible while also helping other beauty pros reach their full potential. The first step to achieving his goals was to open Salon J Ladner, a 700-square-foot space in downtown Dayton – just two months after he moved to Ohio. Then a year later, Ladner’s success multiplied when he moved his salon into a space four times that size!

Salon J Ladner

How did he pull this off, you may ask? Well, it wasn’t luck. It began with a highly calculated business plan that Ladner coined as Join the Hair Journey®. The basis of his plan is to close the communication gap between the client and the stylist to identify what clients need, increase their education about the process and stick to their pre-determined budgets.

Salon J Ladner creates a customized hair "roadmap" for all of its clients. "We set them up for success through educating them on what our services mean and give them a clear vision on what’s to come along the way. Guests want consistency in the price, experience and outcome of their hair journey,"  Ladner says.

The road-mapping system – along with the stellar treatment in the Lather Lounge Experience – is the Salon J Ladner brand promise, and it’s what keeps clients coming back.

The salon’s team of nine high-producing beauty pros is best known for its color service, and each stylist works toward meeting a broadband goal through Ladner’s team-based pay approach. Hiring talent at Salon J Ladner consists of a three- to four-week vetting process starting with interviews, shadowing and a stylist showcase. Once hired, the stylist works toward specific goals that directly correlate with his or her earning potential. This eliminates the competitiveness of the traditional commission approach and creates an environment of support among team members. Ladner claims this approach is what contributes to his high stylist-retention rate and makes for the team’s outstanding morale. As he puts it, it’s a "no compromise culture."

Ladner takes great pride in his brand and company culture and how he has taken his business to the next level. Being homegrown from the Paul Mitchell School and a former educator, he has developed an education program of his own – J Ladner Education. This allows him to travel and teach, as well as learn from other pros. This combination of teaching and learning is what he believes consistently improves his own salon’s success.

Social Media is another area of success, which is carefully planned and executed with 3,663 Instagram followers and videos averaging 1,400 hits. "One word comes to me … consistency. Building relationships. Trust. Loyalty. Guests are watching us to uplift them," Ladner says about creating an authentic and empowering social presence. Follow him @itsmrjladner.

Ladner’s Social Media Tips:

  • Stay true to your purpose.
  • Create a routine that makes sense.
  • Tag your local community in the location section.
  • Be social and connect – like, comment and share what your guests are doing.

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Posted July 11, 2018